• The exit strategy is Hillary dropping out of the race. She will become totally irrelevant, so no reason for "over the top Hillary hate."

    Whether people can get over it once this fight is over is another question, but that has nothing to do with him.

  • Oh, so I guess you don't care about all the people out there suffering from strep throat? Don't they deserve bold leadership from someone who won't cave to elite opinion? After all, it is elite opinion that is always keeping hardworking Americans under the thumb of strep throat.

    And what is your candidate doing to cure strep throat? Nothing! That's why you're so upset, because Obama talks about hope but does nothing to cure strep throat for those people who have it right now.

    Leaders don't wait for permission from experts. Leaders don't need educated people to tell them if their plans are likely to work. Leaders listen to what the people want, and they deliver. The people want strep throat cured. Boom, done. That's our gal.

    So call us ridiculous if you want. As James Carville says, Hillary Clinton has three testicles. Apparently you, like the quote unquote experts, have none.

  • I like this one better:

    He says it wouldn't help us if they reduced the price of gas by 18 cents a gallon.  So I guess he figures it wouldn't hurt us if they doubled it then too right?

    Truly airtight logic from a dizzying intellect.

  • Well, the profanity is the same.

    I know, right? We need to get some creative new profanity on these boards! I, for one, would not mind being called a "goat rapist" just so we can liven up the atmosphere a bit.

    Don't be lazy and call me a "goat fucker." That's the same old politics as usual.

  • In fairness to HRC supporters, it wasn't a normal person who called Bill Richardson a Judas. It was James Carville.

    This is the guy who recently suggested that Hillary is a transgendered mutant by saying she is a woman with three testicles.

  • Excellent point! I think it should be beneath any Democrat to try to smear either candidate by association with the Redskins. That is just plain wrong.

  • I agree with this sentiment, which is why -- as much as I think she is a worthless waste of space in the Senate -- I cringe when people call Sen. Dole "Liddy." She hates the name, but practically everyone uses it.

    Those of us in the Democrat Party need to be more polite about these things...

  • It is impolite to ridicule anyone, and pointless to ridicule those who seem to be immune to it. Please keep your powder dry -- there are plenty of Republicans to ridicule once this ridiculous fucking primary is finally fucking over.

  • The exact quote straight from Obama's mouth on today's Meet The Establishment is upthread.

    The assertion that he is offering nothing is a LIE perpetrated by LIARS who apparently do not fear risking their credibility by LYING.

  • All economists come from caucus states, and therefore their elitist opinions don't count.

  • It is very simplistic indeed.

  • I will assume that ignorance rather than intent to mislead drives the failure to acknowledge Obama's plan:

    And so what I've said is, let's accelerate a--the second half of a tax stimulus proposal that I had put forward that would put, immediately, hundreds of dollars into people's pockets to get through the summer; let's pass a permanent middle-class tax cut, $1,000 per family, to offset the payroll tax to deal not just with rising costs of gas, but also rising costs of food, rising costs of prescription drugs; and, most importantly, let's invest in alternative fuels, raising fuel efficiency standards on cars, and let's get serious about reducing consumption of oil, which is the only way that, over the long term, we're going to reduce, we're going to reduce gas prices.

  • Why would any Obama supporter be pissed that he didn't think of this plan? Because we want him to be universally ridiculed by the quote-unquote experts and economists and policy wonks and environmental advocates and pundits and educated people everywhere?

    It is cringe-inducing to see people try to justify this gas tax plan. It's like they don't even know how ridiculous they look. Hillary has truly brought low her biggest boosters with this one...

  • This is damn right. It's funny to me that Obama supporters are considered to be Kool-Aid drinkers on this site.

    What are you drinking when you get outraged that no knowledgeable person in the country supports Clinton's stupid-ass gas tax plan?

    Plus, it's a lie to say that Obama has no alternative. He said clearly that he favors accelerating tax rebates to get them into homes this summer. That will be hundreds of dollars in voters' pockets, not a convoluted wealth transfer to the oil companies.

    We have had ENOUGH anti-intellectualism from W. Please let's not let it infect this site. Can't we go back to name calling and insisting that the hard-working salt of the earth heartland voters will never elect a black man?

  • You are exactly the kind of person she is aiming at with this proposal. You are not one of the elites and you are not a quote-unquote expert. You are not one of the economists who unanimously oppose the idea. You are not one of the many progressive Dems in Congress who have already spoken out in opposition to this idea.

    This is the point I'm trying to make. If Hillary wins with a coalition of voters like you, what's the point of even being a Democrat?


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