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    I think the post is clear if you've been following the various posts about Obama's criminal cronies and his past drug use (plus whatever else he was doing).

    The sig line simply reflects the view that this nomination isn't over until the convention, and as long as somebody might get shot between now and then we cannot possibly know who the nominee will be. The fact that Hillary is brave enough to point out this historical truth is why she is so inspiring.

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    I don't understand why making the same arguments that so many others make on this board is automatically labeled as snark. Snark only comes from clever writers, which I have recently been informed that I am not.

  • I'm sorry that a legitimate attempt to figure out how to continue the Clinton Dynasty gets hide-rated on a site like this. I would expect that from the Great Orange Satanic Cult of Kool-Aid Drinking Woman-Hating Haters, but not here.

  • Nothing is over. Hillary's supporters will come out every day with guns blazing until Obama is buried in a political graveyard in Denver.

  • Right! NOTHING is decided until Denver, and we don't know what will happen between now and then, except that the superdelegates will swarm to Hillary when they realize that Obama is dead, politically speaking.

  • It's irrelevant anyway. Hillary will be our nominee.  No point in even discussing ridiculous scenarios like voting for Obama in November. Unless his crooked cronies bankroll a third party Obama/Wright ticket, but that seems pretty unlikely.

  • This is exactly right. Stacking an innocent reference to political violence against the Hillary nutcracker is no contest. Hillary supporters have every right to be offended by rampant sexism, but this faux outrage, well, offends me.

  • Great point. I'm glad I wasn't in the room when Hillary confronted Harold Ickes for his vote to disenfranchise millions of our fellow citizens. I bet his ears bled for months!

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    Why is all of this talk about Obama's potential VP pick???  Hillary is going to win this thing, so we need to think about who she will pick.

    The obvious choice would be Bill Clinton, but that raises thorny constitutional issues. The next obvious choice would be Chelsea, but that is another constitutional problem because she is only 28.

    The important thing is to keep it in the Clinton family so a Clinton will be the next president after this Clinton. So the choice is obvious:

    Roger Clinton for Vice President! Long live the Clinton Dynasty!!

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    Yes, we can agree. After Obama's outrageous behavior in this matter, there is no way Hillary will pick him to be her VP.

    Hillary is going to win this thing, and the overreaction to her simple statement that game-changing events like fatal gunshots can happen anytime between now and the convention will push SDs to her side once and for all. Obama may as well quit now and hire a defense lawyer so he doesn't end up dealing drugs in a federal country club prison.

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    Don't ever stop the ratings abuse. Hillary won't stop fighting for us, so you should not stop fighting for her by shutting out any comments that are not supportive of her.

    What has happened to Hillary over this is outrageous. As others have said, this is just Obama and his supporters lashing out because they know they have lost the nomination and they just can't accept it.

    Face it, people. Hillary Clinton will be the nominee and the next president. Anyone who says different should immediately be banned from this site.

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    For all of the debate over Obama's coattails, this could definitely be one that he helps to carry. It seems certain that he will boost African American turnout in MS and throughout the South, which won't be enough to push him over the top for the electoral votes in those states but it will have an important impact on the next Congress.

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    Feel the Hillmentum!

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    Noooooooo!! I wouldn't put her in charge of ordering pizza for the phone bankers.

    Patti Solis Doyle is incompetent and lazy and weak. Her reputation among Clinton staffers is horrible. It was only Hillary's irrational loyalty to her that kept her on after Iowa, and doing so probably cost Hillary the nomination.

    This talk is nothing more than a person who is bitter about being thrown off of the bus getting revenge. Of course all Dems will work for the nominee (a few people at MyDD excepted) but the timing of this is meant to twist the knife. The Obama campaign is more than happy to see Hillary getting a knife in the back, I suppose, but that doesn't mean they will give PSD a chance to fuck up their campaign the way she fucked up Hillary's campaign.

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    I think the worst quote from Bill Clinton was this one:

    And no matter how much fun they make of your support of her and the fact that working people all over America have stuck with her, she thinks you're as smart as they are.

    Some of us have been called haters and paranoid for saying over the past three months that Bill and Hillary Clinton would rather rip this party apart than have it torn from their claws by the American people. If the race-baiting is too subtle for you, this quote can't possibly leave any doubt.


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