• I doubt very much that alegre would support Obama under any circumstances. Even Hillary's own spouse isn't as devoted to her as alegre is.

  • Catharsis.

  • There is an incentive to penalize the states, but there is also an incentive to mollify Hillary and her supporters. At this point I think the latter is more important.

    It's not Obama's decision to make, but he can certainly endorse it. Even if the RBC went forward with the 1/2 penalty, he could still claim that he supported full representation and tried to make it happen. That is worth something.

  • It's more than a high stakes game she's playing for VP, it's an outright shakedown. She is implicitly threatening to burn him down if she can't be added to the ticket.

    What her supporters seem to forget is that the game goes both ways -- the half of the party who voted against her is just as likely to abandon her if she steals the nomination. The only reason she is "winning the general election" as Bill puts it is that her opponents know she won't get the nomination so it is easy to say they will vote for her purely in the hypothetical.

    Frankly, I think an Obama administration with Bill and Hillary constantly plotting and scheming behind his back would be worse than a Hillary administration anyway.

  • This is true, but as noted above, the states could set forth a proposal matching what Clinton wants if they know they have Obama's support.

    Besides, if any state were to propose anything less than what Clinton wants, then by Clinton's logic those leaders would be dictators who are destroying our Glorious American Democracy. Who wants to get caught in her line of fire if they give the baby her bottle and shut her up?

  • I think this is a good question, and I don't know the answer. Certainly the DNC lawyers are trying to tie the committee's hands. But I suspect if Obama came out publicly and said, "It doesn't matter anymore, let's not fight about this, give her what she wants and let's get busy with McCain," the committee might listen.

    Hillary won't listen. In fact, it would probably be declared some kind of conspiracy. But sane people would recognize that she got every delegate that could possibly be given to her within the bounds of pity and reason, and she still lost.

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    Give her what she wants, and maybe people will stop listening to her poisonous rants.

  • McCain would never attack her, because he doesn't need to do that. She won't be the nominee. But he would smile with delight that the Democratic fundraising advantage is split between two competing candidates.

    For that matter, Hillary can't run against McCain before the convention because she needs an enormous come from behind victory. Even if MI/FL are counted exactly as she wants, she would need to woo almost 70% of the remaining superdelegates. She can't do that without tearing down Obama.

  • How dare anyone imply that Hillary is not fighting for our party. It says right in the article that she is fighting to save the Democratic Party from the naive voters who have stupidly fallen for Barry's line of crap.

    When a brave, well-connected woman who knows more than the rest of us steps in and fights to save us from ourselves, that's called DEMOCRACY! How dare anyone imply otherwise!

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    No, I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean that. That doesn't even make sense.

    It's typical of the Obama supporters that every Spanish phrase is interpreted as an effort to push Hillary out. She's a woman! Don't push her out!

  • Oh sure, compare her to a MAN. How typical.

    Can't you see that the fact she was born a woman means that she should do whatever it takes to win this? It is so blindingly obvious.

  • Hey, come on. It's just a metaphor. Completely innocent. Any, any implication otherwise is just another example of the crude intimidation that Obama has used to TRY to steal the nomination.

    And even if it is snark, is it really "horribly sick" as opposed to merely tasteless?

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    I love the symbolism in the top photo. If only Obama had such big onions in his pantsuit! Where is James Carville when you need him?

  • on a comment on Buenos Dias, Hillary Democrats! over 6 years ago

    I don't know what this means, but I assume it says that Puerto Ricans will see through the sexism that leads the MSM to ignore the fact that Hillary has this thing locked up. You're not going to find sexism in Puerto Rico, only people who can see through Barry and his hate speech.

    Puerto Rico will put Hillary over the top in Denver, and they will put her over the top this fall.

  • Oh come on! Why does an innocent metaphor end up being interpreted as some sort of anti-Obama comment? This is more of the evil, anything to win mentality that has kept Obama's campaign going long after it was clear that Hillary would be the nominee.

    Oh, and sexist. The attitude is sexist, as well.


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