• If the Clinton camp needs to count their lead in supers to call it a tie on March 4, they may find that they have instantly fallen behind by another hundred delegates when they wake up on March 6 as uncommitted supers declare for Obama.

    Without huge wins in TX and OH, she'll be lucky to keep the supers she has.

    The party insiders will not want another six weeks of the ugliness that is on this board and others every day. If Obama is still plausibly ahead on March 4, the supers will throw in the towel.

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    Sorry, I was being sarcastic. Apparently it's a little too easy to impersonate a deranged Clinton dead-ender around here.

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    Hey, it's not an excuse. Harry Reid knew that HRC needed to get the fuck out of town so the stench of her defeat wasn't clinging to her clothing when she landed in Texas, but he scheduled the vote anyway. There is only one possible reason for that, and you'd know it if you weren't such a glassy-eyed Obama cultist.

    If you can't see that the entire Democratic power structure in Washington is aligned against HRC, you need to lace up your Nikes, drink your Vodka-n-Ativan, and pull the purple shroud over your head.

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    Uh, a lot of people were disappointed with Bill Clinton's successful presidency.

    Ask the people who quit in protest of his welfare reform bill.

    Ask the people who fought NAFTA tooth and nail.

    Ask the people who were forced to pretend that the president did not have sexual relations with that woman when everybody knew that he did.

    And yes, ask the people who think Hillary imperious style fucked up our chances for health care reform for another 20 years.

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    Is that a sexist remark? Are you insulting Obama just because he has testicles and Hillary Clinton does not?

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    January 21, 2009.

  • If your main concern is that we're nominating someone who can't win due to demographics, then it seems that Clinton's supporters already emolliated the party (assuming that's what you meant rather than burn down).  We should have nominated a white male from the south. The only Democrats to win the White House in the last 40 years have been southern white males.

    I supported Edwards from the start, but somehow I managed not to fall into a spiral of rage. I was one of the many people who thought we nominated a total d-bag in 2004, but I didn't threaten to stay home or vote for Bush. But then, I'm am a robotic cult slave.

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    This thread has really given me some insight as to what is driving the ongoing primary fight. Very interesting.

    Being a newbie, I won't presume to engage in a substantive debate. I really just wanted to see what the pro-Clinton site was saying.  However, on a nonsubstantive level I would note three things:

    (1) Anyone self-aware enough not to fall for the cultish mass hysteria that drives Obama voters should also have enough self-awareness to recognize that their opinions might be growing more radical due to the frustration of watching their candidate lose. Many posters here do seem to understand that.

    (2) Clinton supporters may well be right that all of Obama's supporters are stupid sheep and that Latinos, whites, Asian-Americans, Christians, and  non-college graduates are too racist to vote for a black man with a Muslim father.  I'm sure you'll be waiting for your chance to say the big "I told you so" to the stupid cultists who hijacked the election from the one person who can possibly beat McCain in the fall.  Just please don't make your lust for your "I told you so" moment turn into a self-fulfilling prophesy. This country needs every anti-McCain vote it can get.

    (3) Try to hang on!  Your mourning for Sen. Clinton's campaign will end once we're in the heat of battle against McCain. I won't tell you to embrace hope, but at least don't give in to despair.  All campaigns have to have losers, and supporters of losers. This was your turn to be those losers, but you have another chance right away to fight for the winning team. Embrace it.


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