Pelosi Still Popular According to Rasmussen

So there was some talk a while back about how Pelosi's approval rating had dropped significantly below her post-election levels to be pretty much on par with the rest of congress. I always found this somewhat hard to believe, and I jsut happened upon a poll over at Rasmussen which puts her at 40%:

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Nancy Pelosi?

Very Favorable - 11%

Somewhat Favorable -29%

Somewhat Unfavorable - 21%

Very Unfavorable -26%

I will point out that Rasmussen is somewhat unreliable because they oversample conservatives(for example, they usually have Bush's approval at about 8 or 9 points higher levels than anyone else), but I don't think that bias would throw off numbers on Pelosi - if anything they make high positives even more striking. What is really interesting is that Harry Reid is not as liked, despite being much more prominent in his fight against the war lately:

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Harry Reid?

Very Favorable - 7%

Somewhat Favorable - 27%

Somewhat Unfavorable - 23%

Very Unfavorable - 20%

I think Pelosi is a stronger speaker than she is given credit for.

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