Superdelegates for 5/23

+3 for Obama and -1 for Clinton.

Plus, Obama picked up two more pledged delegates from Edward's batch.

that leaves Obama 5 delegates closer to the nomination and Clinton   further away then she was yesterday.

tick. tock. tick. tock...

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two more Supers for...

for Obama confirmed this morning by DemConWatch.

Barbara Flynn Currie (IL) and Todd Stroger (IL).

This now brings their superdelegate Clinton lead to only 15.5 supers. By far the lowest tally of the entire contest. Obama is down 14 supers by CNN's count and 15 according to the AP.

If you tally in the Pelosi club, the lead is down to 8.5 supers according to DCW.

Since PA, Obama has gained 23 supers to Clinton's 15.

NBC has Clinton up 19 supers which is her best showing.

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Superdelegates since Friday

4 supers out of 4.5 went to Obama today (according to DemConWatch). Obama has gotten 8 to Clinton's 2.5 superdelegates since Friday.

The AP has the superdelegate spread at +16 for clinton. Only CNN has Clinton up by more than 20 supers.

Tack on the Pelosi club and by some measures, Clinton's lead in supers is now in single digits.

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SuperDelegate counts since 4-26

Since the rash of supers declared (I'll set that day as 4-26), we've got the following numbers for Supers:

4/26 (Obama 1, Hillary 1):
DNC Charlene Fernandez (AZ)

Kathy Sullivan (NH)

4/28 (Obama 2, Hillary 0):
Sen. Jeff Bingaman (NM)
Fmr. DNC Chairman Paul Kirk (MA)

4/29 (Obama 2, Hillary 2):
DNC Richard Machacek (IA)
Rep. Ben Chandler (KY)

Gov. Mike Easley (NC)
Rep. Ike Skelton (MO)

4/30 (Obama 3, Hillary 2):
Rep. Bruce Braley (IA)
Rep. Baron Hill (IN)
Rep. Lois Capps (CA)

DNC William George (PA)
DNC Luisette Cabanas (PR)

5/1 (Hillary 5, Obama 2):
DNC Joe Andrew (IN) from Clinton to Obama.
DNC John Patrick (TX)

Andrew Cuomo (NY)
Tom DiNapoli (NY)
Virginia Fields
Carmen Arroyo (NY)
John Olsen (CT) for Clinton
DNC Herman Farrell Jr. (NY)

Total (Obama 10, Hillary 10).

Maryland suspended their announcement until Saturday (2 for Obama) and Illinois will officially announce theirs on Monday (3 for Obama).

Just a note, between PA and the 26th, Obama pulled 3 of the 4 declared supers. So, since PA, Obama 13, Hillary 11.

Please add where I've missed.

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North Carolina, Montana Ras. Polls

North Carolina (Rasmussen):
McCain 47% Obama 47%
McCain 51% Clinton 40%

Montana (Ras):
McCain 48% Obama 43%
McCain 54% Clinton 36%

PA (Ras):
Clinton 47% McCain 38%
Obama 47% McCain 39%

Louisiana (Ras):
McCain 52% Obama 41%
McCain 58% Clinton 36%

Ohio (Ras):
McCain 47% Clinton 42%
McCain 47% Obama 40%

NM (Ras):
Obama 45% McCain 42%
McCain 46% Clinton 43%

Wisconsin (WPR):
Obama 46% McCain 42%
McCain 46% Clinton 42%

NY (Maris ?):
Clinton 48% McCain 46%
McCain 48% Obama 46%

Iowa (Ras):
Obama 46% McCain 42%
McCain 51% Clinton 36%

FL (Q):
McCain 46% Obama 37%
Clinton 44% McCain 42%

NJ (Farleigh Dickinson):
Obama 47% McCain 42%
Clinton 48% McCain 43%


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