MyDD Will Regret Taking Sides

I am here to say that the decision MyDD made to take sides in this contest has seriously undermined the future efficacy of this site after this contest is finished.  The rabid hatred of one of our party's candidates and the vicious,personal and often false attacks made aganist that candidate has undermined the legitmacy of this community now and in the future.  This has been made much worse by the sad and disturbing rate at which the hiarchy of MyDD has propogated this hatred and encourged it's growth while silencing major opposition to their prefered candidate.  NOTHING is over the top in the criticism of Barrack Obama, but nay sayers of Mrs. Clinton beware.  My direct democracy is certainly not living up to it's name.  

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Obama in secret meetings for possible Endorsment

This just in: Barrack Hussein Obama held secret closed door meetings with the devil today in his underground home to discuss a possible endorsment.  However, the meeting broke up when Obama decided the devil was just not evil enough for him.  Obama had thought they'd be a good fit for his phony message, as the devil had at one time reached across the isle and had been seen working with angles.  

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