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    I agree Obama has a tough road ahead, perhaps a harder one than Hillary would have had but this is where we are at.  Sounding gleeful about his likley defeat (in your view) is no way to help at this point.  If we ALL do EVERYTHING we can to elect the Democratic nominee than we WILL be sucessful, because we MUST be.    

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    she does not care if she's still viewed as a "Democrat" or not she just wants to be President and if breaking with the spirit of the party who brung her is all it takes to get there than shes more than happy to trave that route or anyother that leads to the Oval Office (including something "happening" to he opponent.  

  • i sound like Bush?  This has notbing to do with Bush.
    FACT: Iraq has a new chance to come together and make their lives better but their small differences keep them blowing each other up
    FACT: Obama is nominee and the difference between him and Hillary are small and both are much better thah McBush but Clinton dead-enders seem to want to cut ther nose off to spite their face and allow McCain to waltz inro the white house because they cant get the hell over their person lost, and she has lost.
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    this is another Hillary dead-ender.  I use to wonder why the Iraqi people didnt find a way to come together for the common purpose of a better life like the average person would have more in common that differences. However, the Hillary dead-enders explain allot about how this happens all to often as people get so caught up in TINY differencs they lose sight of everything else.

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    Instead of talking about how Obama is going to win why dont we just stop talking about it.  Really we've had 16mo of it and we finally have a conclusion.  Yes, some are unhappy with it but i filled up my car today and i was unhappy with how much faster the "amount" line moved than the "gallons" line did but its not like i could slow it down.  
    CONCLUSION: By defending the FACT Obama has won, we are validating her arguement that the race is still on when it clearly is not.  When she realizes no one is even paying attention anymore maybe she'll get it.
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    you mean Republicans rejected him in favor of Hillary?  
    Winning by 1.2% where you were behind by as much as 12 (according to SUSA) is not being rejected it was republicans trying to realize their sweetest of dreams: running aganist Hillary Clinton.
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    you mean the person who didnt win the nomination?

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    and Indiana which Real clear politics now says she won by 1.2% well bellow the margin every single poll taken in the 10 days before including SUSA which had it at Clinton +12 two days before.  EVERY SINGLE SUSA Poll (5 total) showed her ATLEAST 9pts ahead.  
    CONCLUSION: Momentum is doing better than expected not worse.  
    Oh yeah and "momentum" is actually producing some of those gains she was touting in NC which we all know didnt happen.
  • OMG!  Nobody told her people even get to vote in Hillaryland and to be clear in states they have BOTH competed in Obama has more votes.  
    How Hillary handles this will seal her political future and knocking off this "the system worked for him but the people really wanted me" line would really help the unity thing we're going to need from her.  
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    Is winning NC by 14 and winning by 1.1% in Indiana (where SUSA had her up 12 two days before) peaking in February?  86% of voters were white in IN why couldnt she do better than a near tie with her base being 86% of the voters?

  • are we still saying it isn't over?  It is.  Even Hillary knows it as she is begging to defend Obama as we saw today and in the interviews yesterday especially the one with Wolf Blitzer.  If all the Clinton supporters who we respect as Obama supporters simply vote for Obama than he IS electable.
    PLEASE do this for the team and stop the 3rd Bush term.
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    I would not respond to this diary if i were you.  The author is a Clinton dead-ender who says Obama will lose because they are going to make sure it happens so they can blackmail us into chosing a women.  We are being blackmailed and held hostage by dead-ender Democrats for Hillary Clinton.  These are pepople who care nothing but for the ambition of their candidate who did not win and they (like their candidate) can not take it or accept it.  THIS IS OVER. The choice process is over Obama is the winner.  If you must elect McCain because u feel Clinton was the only one who deserved it thats you deal but be honest about it because this "Obama can't win" crap is only true if you make it so.

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    What will you do when the football field runs out and you have to give Obama his dues for beating the Clinton's within the party they basically own.  
    Its clear Obama did not win every part of the party (as the fact we care what W.VA did clearly shows) and i will give you he may have only won the more vocal minority but we have a process and he won it aganist someone who had been through the process twice prior and that is an accomplishment you should recognize with more respect.
    Finally this reality though you do not have to admit it now, you will have to and the time is drawing near, and i truly wish you well (incase that does not work out i will buy stock in Kleenex)
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    i just gave to John Edwards because if you just keep believing it could still come true!  

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    i agree they did/do but for Clinton to become there cheerleader is a JOKE because she had no problem telling them they didnt count (which she did and you know she did, we've got it on something you cant even credit the Clinton's for, video tape) when it was good for her and now when SHE NEEDS THEM they are everything to her.
    Clinton pre-Iowa & NH: "it's clear the election they're having isn't going to count for anything. Obama's name did not even appear on the ballot in Michigan."
    Clinton now that she needs MI and FL but no longer needs IA and NH: well, i dont have to tell you its somewhat different from the above.


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