• Well, this is profound.  First honest assessment of the Democratic Party dilemma I've seen on a non-PUMA blog.  I agree with all the thoughts above.

    But wait ... wasn't Saint Obama supposed to cure this problem with a wave of his magic wand?  
    (Sorry, couldn't resist.)


  • While Democratic legislators were lulling us to sleep with promises to protect Roe v. Wade, various other federal and state restrictions, along with constant harassment of abortion providers, has left over 85% of counties having NO abortion access.  If you can't find a doctor who will perform an abortion when you need one, you already have no choice.

    Roe v. Wade has been a bad deal for women.  It's provided an endless rallying point and fundraising tool for the right, and has excused the still-male-dominated left from having to make substantive progress on women's equality.  Just say "Supreme Court" (while you roll over for Roberts and Alito) and pat the ladies on the head and they'll keep voting Democratic.  And now, thanks to spineless leadership, large numbers of women don't have choice either.

    Women, Row v. Wade is a distraction.  We should be talking ERA.  We should be talking parity in candidate recruitment in the Democratic Party.  Don't tell me there aren't enought qualified women "stepping up."  Mandate it and HELP THEM UP.  The Republican Party apparently already does.


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    Oh, I dunno.  Sometimes you gotta take the long view.
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    That's what you are if you think this nuanced, carefully couched, yet respectful criticism is in any way gonna hurt Palin with women.

    Now some of the s--t about Hillary's whining that went down on this site...that's another story.  

    Score a perfect 10 for compartmentalizing, though!


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    Funny you mention the Democrats' "line in the sand" to protect Social Security, considering Obama has gone out of his way to blur that line.  Guess he missed the Save Social Security memo, singlehandedly reviving the word "crisis," and expressing openness to partial privatization.  He's not a collaborator, you say, it's just that his expansive intellect cannot be constrained by mere rhetorical stratagems.  Of course he'd never actually waffle on something so fundamental.  But then, that's what you thought about FISA, and campaign finance, and coastal drilling, and...

    What good are blogs when your standard bearer is off script?


  • As for me, I don't buy the suggestions above that Hillary hatred is mostly Republican trolls.  I'll never forget the CA Democratic Party Convention in March, at the Saturday night dinner as Phil Donahue was screening a preview of his movie "Body of War," that a third of the room actually booed when Hillary Clinton appeared on the screen.  That's right, one third of this ballroom full of Democratic delegates booed the former First Lady, sitting Senator and Presidential Candidate.  And not a word was said in protest.  At the end, I just got up and left, I was so stunned.  

    I will never forget that.  And with no apology from party leaders who allowed that kind of visciousness and profound disrespect to fester and spread, I will never forgive it either.


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    It has the word "me" in it twice.


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    People who aren't actually intellectual lightweights don't feel the need to gush about themselves.  Look at the phony Western Wall prayer he leaked to Israeli media.  Her uses the words "me" or "my" seven times.  Not a syllable about others (the world?  the poor and oppressed? all God's children?).  Selfish.


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    How pathetic that even recent Obama converts can't defend their hero without sideswiping Hillary.  

    Of course it's all a deadly bore without her.


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    You mean all those vulnerable elderly folks who weren't able to vote in Democratic caucuses?

    They'll get no sympathy here.


  • there's no principle worth making a scene over.

    Not respect for women.

    Not respect for the Constitution.


    The New Democratic Coalition:  Keeping up appearances.


  • "Scales fall from your eyes"

    When the scales fall from your eyes, you suddenly realise the truth about something.

    http://www.usingenglish.com/reference/id ioms/scales+fall+from+your+eyes.html

    From the Bible (Acts 9:18)
    American Standard Version
    And straightway there fell from his eyes as it were scales, and he received his sight; and he arose and was baptized;

    http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index? qid=20080627101857AAe2T4D


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    Yes, the late term abortion issue is contrived.  But it's hardly a non issue when Obama validates right-wing talking points.  The correct response -- a change we could believe in -- would have been to point out the truth about the rarity, tragic circumstances, etc., and refuse to be a mouthpiece for the forced birth movement.  He decided it was easier to throw women under the bus.


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    and I'll fix everything.  Yeah, right.

    "There's a sucker born every minute."
    ~~P.T. Barnum Obama


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    Linfar who?



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