Top 50 Influential African American Political Blogs

Here is my list of the top 50 African American Political Bloggers for 2010. 

As you will note, a number of these Bloggers don't just talk politics, yet they are great blogs to visit if your interested in black American political thoughts and opinions.  The list of the Top 50 African American Political Bloggers, are shown here in alphabetical order. If I were to rank the top 10 most influential African American Political blogs for 2010, they would include: Jack and Jill Politics, Oliver Willis, Pam's House Blend, Black Agenda Report, What About Our Daughters, Booker Rising, field Negro, Afro Neitzen, Black Prof, and Anderson at large.  

Top 50 African American Political Bloggers




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great list

You have great list in here. most of the blogs expressed their political and economic view, though some would insert "entertainments". if only Nelson Mandela has a blog, he could be on the list too.

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