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21st Century Democrats is focused on building a progressive movement from the grassroots up.  Our goal is to promote populist values, activists, and candidates.

Our organization--known then as "Democrats 2000"--was founded in 1986 by Senator Tom Harkin, Congressman Lane Evans, and populist commentator Jim Hightower.  The founders envisioned Democrats 2000 as an organization to help candidates with a record of fighting for the American people--from students to the retired community and everyone in between.

We are the leading progressive political action committee in the Democratic Party, and we've helped elect some of the leading progressives in Congress.  We've worked to transform the Democratic Party from within, by supporting Democrats in the tradition of Paul Wellstone, Tom Harkin, and Sherrod Brown.  Today, the most vocal voices and fiercest fighters on progressive issues are the elected officials previously endorsed by 21st Century Democrats.  These 21st Century Democrats alumni are working on issues as diverse as healthcare reform with a public option; corporate accountability on Wall Street; sustainable environmental practices; and renewable energy sources.

We've got alumni from City Hall to the Oval Office because we combine a commitment to progressive values with grassroots campaigning that works.  We're building the "farm team" of young progressive leaders in the Democratic Party to keep the Republicans on the bench in years to come.

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