Frank! Kucinich! Salazar!

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The 21st Century Democrats' Youth Leadership Speaker Series is off to a great start teaching and inspiring tomorrow's progressive leaders of the Democratic Party with speakers like Congressman Barney Frank, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, and--soon--Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

Congressman Frank set tone of this year's speaker series when he said that he was glad to be speaking in a room of Democrats.  "I am a partisan Democrat," Frank said, "Bipartisanship is never good thing.  It is a means to an end."

Congressmen Frank and are great examples of progressive Democratic leaders because they live according to progressive values.  Take, for example, Kucinich's experience debating healthcare reform with his Republican friends.  When the Republicans say, "This is putting insurance companies out of business," Kucinich returns with a hearty "`I wish!'"

Senator Mark Pryor also had a few choice words about his colleagues across the aisle: "In the last three--four years they've had nothing new."

21st Century Democrats alumni Representatives Tim Bishop and Betsy Markey thanked the organization for the support in their tough election bids.

"I stand here today due to the help of 21st Century Democrats," said Bishop.

"I do appreciate your support in the campaign,"Markey said,"I needed all the support I could get."

This Tuesday, November 10th at 5:30 P.M., 21st Century Democrats is proud to host Interior Secretary for the Obama Administration, Ken Salazar, in the Cannon House Office Building Caucus Room in Washington, D.C.

Secretary Salazar has been dismantling Bush-era policies that allowed oil, gas, and coal companies to run roughshod over our federal lands.  Salazar has been promoting the development of alternative energy sources on federal lands in lieu of drilling away our natural resources.

So if you or someone you know is in the DC-area next Tuesday, stop down and hear from Secretary Salazar and the 21st Century Democrats!

RSVP here or go to to find out more about the Youth Leadership Speaker Series!

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