Looks like a done deal. Here's a national poll:

Trump nearing 50% on the GOP side, pulling in large amounts of Independents and working class, former Democrats.

Clinton still with a 10% lead over Sanders at 39% nationally, with strong leads among black and latino voters.

Next Saturday is crowded. There is a Republican caucus in Washington state. Cruz will win there. Trump may not even finish in second place. It will be overshadowed by the South Carolina primary, which Trump will win. A week out I'll predict:
Trump 40%
Cruz 22%
Rubio 14%
Bush 12%
Kasich 5%
Carson 5%

Then the Nevada caucus is also held on Saturday. Sanders must win. But I predict Clinton will win, as the casino union workers will side with Clinton strongly.

This is followed by another closed Republican caucus, in Nevada. Cruz should win this, but I've a feeling that Trump will instead win, with a plurality.

And then comes the Democratic SC primary, two weeks away. Clinton will win 54-46, tighter than expected.

Then it's on to March 1st, when I expect that Clinton vs Trump becomes solidified.