OK, perhaps, hopefully, Trump finally trumped himself with the stupid call of a boycott on Apple. I can't believe that he thinks that would sail inside the Republican voting mind. They absolutely hate the government interfering with a private company making money. Nothing else is more important.

Trump looks more and more like Hobbes, and all the GOP voters, the majority, are waiting for is a Locke to vote for... it's not Cruz, that's for sure. I really have strong doubts of Sanders being able to win the General Election, and I have nearly equally strong doubts that if Clinton cannot win this easily, with all of her advantages, she's in trouble. Given that, it's becomes important who the Republican nominee is for President. Because if Trump wins, Buddha-Jesus-Krishna help us all!

I just cannot fathom that someone can win a Republican primary by first saying Bush lied, then calling out the Pope, and who then calls for a boycott of Apple unless they submit to the FBI. I will risk it all, and bet that Trump loses SC tomorrow. I'll put all the chips on Rubio.

That said, I am counting on Cruz faltering a bit, and the polls are mixed on this end. It may just turn out that all three are in the 20-25 range. Even if it's the latter case, Rubio has the clear advantage going forward.