Uh, at best. Certainly the polls do not show a peak. There are a few websites worth checking out.

A few roadmaps of the GOP delegate march. The Upshot at NYT. Looking at Trump's lead. And another projection.

The Facebook Primary. This give an amazing insight into the contest at a national level. And you can customize it to show particular matchups.

Trump vs Sanders looks almost exactly like Dukakis vs Bush. Sanders strong in the upper NE, the upper MW, and the west coast. The notable gain is in the Mt area. Clinton Vs Trump is a little better, more urban areas, but it's also pretty bad.

Trumps worst state is Vermont, fewest likes and also not as strong in Texas. Is this showing us the couple of states he might lose Tuesday? Perhaps. In Texas, Trump really dominates along the Mexico border. Overall, the map skews a bit too much to Trump, but it's probably effective in seeing where candidates have relative strength.

Trump's strongest area, not surprising, is the Appalachia area of the US. Rubio, outside of Florida, is in California. Likely this goes all the way there too.