There was a moment, it lasted from the netroots uprising to the election of Barack Obama, but then it died. The establishment killed any populism that was in the trenches. All that's left are cheerleaders. Bernie's attempt to inject a populism in it are admirable. The Democratic party is corrupt, moreso even than the Republican Party, with its nomination process. Yes, it's also bankrupt of new ideas, and stuck in the idiocy of identity-based stupidity and dumbass partisanship... but its use of superdelegates is what is completely undemocratic.

The latest screed is that Bernie Sanders is winning the popular vote, no, he's crushing it, but is well behind in delegates. Well, that's what he gets for joining the Democrats after holding out for all these years. Bernie ought to throw down the gauntlet and declare that if the superdelegates over-rule the popular vote, that he will run as a third party candidate.

Yea, he can run on this issue, it's a great one to run against the establishment on. I expect Bernie to win in Nevada, and yet, Clinton will pull in more delegates.

South Carolina though, (contra guns) that will turn out for Clinton. And Trump wins the GOP. But the way that this is going for Clinton is not good at all, she's got to put Sanders away decisively by March 1st.