Did Obama Royalist Enforcer Thugs Run Everybody Off From MyDD?

Once upon a time, back during the beginning of the Presidential primary season of 2007 and 2008, the online progressive political net world settled into a comfortable situation where the two main opposing camps ended up in one or the other of the two major online community blogs. 

The more radicalized or Naderish (in my opinion) who were intensely against Hillary Clinton and later became advocates of Obama were ensconced at the Daily Kos and the more traditional progressive Democrats who either supported Hillary or at minimum didn't hate the Clintons,were here at myDD.

Of course, at first there were supporters of both candidates at either site too.

At one point a large group of Hillary supporters at Daily Kos who no longer could take the hate filled abuse hurled at them left that site en masse and came here instead to post their diaries.

The problem was that a roving band of thuggish thought police enforcers hillary hating bullies followed them here and made it clear that free speech was not free and that a price would be paid by anyone who dared to oppose the rise of the chosen One.

I use to come to this site all the time before the Spring of 2008 when it was taken over by this swarm from the Daily Kos.  It was clear they came here only to attack and insult Hillary Clinton supporters in the ugliest of ways.

Also, because they saw Jerome Armstrong as being opposed to their "precious", he was savaged in ways that still make me cringe when I think of them.

As the national voting showed, the simple reality was that the vast majority of actual Democrats supported bringing the better tested and much more accomplished Clintons back to the White House to fix the myriad of disasters that the Bush Presidency would leave behind  

But to Obama's online roving thug army that choice made them livid and they would begin their frothing attacks which were basically the same that they still use against anyone who dares to criticize their chosen one. Personal attacks, quickly hurling stunning and shocking words like "racist" as if it were true or even acceptable or believable to say such things without absolute proof.  

This simply intimidated many of those who came to this site and who dared to write diaries or comments supporting their candidate of choice.   So some just left.  Others were so hounded that they left after they were swarmed so often by the vile filled Obama enforcers that they left because they found the experience just too distasteful.  

Others left because some of this site's moderators - who I notice are gone from here now too - actually banned the strongest Clinton supporting diarists from this site outright.  Thats when I left - I found that the outright censorship by these moderators - at a site that was supposed to be a open forum for Progressives - so outrageous and disgraceful to simply be unbearable.

The saddest thing was that I had come to appreciate the thoughts and opinions of this site's founder, Jerome Armstrong, and to read the ugly words hurled at him every time he wrote anything that didnt fit the Obama roving army's thought police guidelines was very depressing.  

To watch the site's moderators - who were quick to ban those Hillary supporters who crossed a movable line protecting Obama - do nothing when Armstrong was defamed and being savaged and allow this wilding of Jerome to go on time after time defined disloyalty in its most extreme online form.

Ive stopped back a few times since and written a diary or two and been attacked by the remnants of this once overwhelming force of self enforced censors and screamers for my apostacy and again the experience was so distasteful - that I left myDD again.

The site where many fled to during the Hillary 'killing time' because it allowed all opinions -was now completely dominated by a very vocal and small minority (less then 10 I'd guess) who would decide - on their own - what would be allowed to be discussed here and work to insult, hide, remove or just plain intimidate any post or poster who dared to disagree with their personal opinion.

 Its that simple and its scary.  Self appointed net censors.  

Who'd of thought it would ever come to this?

Now that these net thugs bullied everybody away, it seems most of them have left too.  No surprise there - the enforcer thug lives to squash dissent, not opine on public policy.

I've read Jerome's recent diaries and in the few comments written to them - still fully half are nothing but insults and attacks on Jerome, his politics, his intelligence.  Others mock him for the collapse of the readership of this site - blaming it upon his criticism of Obama's politics or policy.  

The truth is that there are dozens of Democrat/progressive sites that reject the Obama administration and its policies all the time and they are thriving.

This real truth is that site's readership fled because of the endless attacks of Obama's thugs and enforcers - not because of this site's attacks on Obama.

After the collapse of support for Obama and as the incompetence of his political team loses Democrats our hard earned House of Representatives and leaves us with probably only 15 or 16 out of 50 Governorships - it would be good if there was a forum where an open and free dialogue can take place to discuss how Democrats can reorganize to win back what the Obamacrats have lost us.

Can this site be that place?  

A recent poll says 33% of Democrats who voted for Obama in 2008 now say they support him no longer and will not vote for him again.  

Seems to me that there are many Democrats who would like to discuss whether the road we are on now may lead to even more loses and maybe even that maybe Obama shouldn't run again..

Will such a conversation even be allowed?  Or will those obama enforcers who still hate this site and publicly loathe its founder be allowed to control it even after they and this site's own dishonest and disloyal moderators completely deforested myDD and left it an absolute ghost town on the ol' internet prairie.

It's a good question...


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