Nancy Pelosi, and History

We may be at a turning point in American History, and Nancy Pelosi might just end up becoming a key element of it. Healthcare reform is truly epic legislation.

The house, as it has been pointed out here - may in fact be a bastion of functional government. It has been characterized as more volatile than the senate - but it also seems to be able to operate more independently of the special interest groups.

Nancy Pelosi is responsible for handing out chairmanships, and assignments. Healthcare reform will be accomplished, in the final run - by a game in which key members of the house will be selected to go up against key members of the senate (selected by Harry Reid).  This is my understanding, I might be wrong - that the bill will then be played as if it were a game of "ping pong"  - back and forth between chambers until it is done.

The key element of the Bill that Nancy Pelosi has publicly backed is the provision which most directly affects the American public. And in this election year,  that element is the National Health Service.

She refers to it in press conferences as "The Public's Option" - and others have identified this as a vital element of the bill being finalized now. And she has publicly stated she will strongly support a national health service.

What America will remember of 2010 , in terms of legislation - will be this healthcare reform package and right now - Nancy Pelosi is deciding who will play the side of the ping pong table for the House of Representatives - a chamber which has decidedly stronger , and more reform-minded legislative agendas.  As the first new decade of the 21st century dawns, the power of open source government - and the internet - brings to bear huge re-election possibilities for her constituent members. They will be remembered by how firm they stood for the vast numbers of the actual voting public - 72% of which support the reform. 

She drained the swamp of the Bush Administration in her first 100 days, and now she is at the helm of reforms that will either steer towards the American people - or radically and unreasonably veer  into the familiar waters of nuanced positions that work to serve the groups of people that want her to believe elections can be bought instead of blogged.

A turning point in American history? 


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