HRCC robocall in Missouri's 121st Legislative District: desperation and homophobia

You can smell the republican flop sweat. Today the Missouri House republican Campaign Committee ran a robocall in the 121st Legislative District attacking Courtney Cole (D) in terms that have never been seen before in this district:

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Obama To Counter McCain's Robocall Attack

The Obama Campaign will be releasing a robocall narrated by a Wisconsinite who switched from McCain to Obama because of McCain's sleazy robocalls.

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McCain/RNC Robocall Disgrace

If anyone was wondering to what depths the McCain campaign and the RNC would stoop in the face of their desperate electoral prospects the truth is now revealed:

We now have documented four McCain/RNC robocalls, some known to be running in multiple states:

One that questions Obama's patriotism by saying he put "Hollywood above America" during the financial crisis.

One that says that Obama and Dems "aren't who you think they are" and claims they merely "say" they want to keep us safe.

One that attaches him to "domestic terrorist Bill Ayers," whose group "killed Americans."

And, now, the above, which dishonestly paints him as indifferent to the lives of babies.

These aren't the work of any fringe groups. Every one of these is paid for by the McCain campaign and the RNC. It looks like there's a huge wave of them blanketing the country.

Greg Sargent - Latest McCain Robocall Alleges That Obama Denied Babies Medical Care TPM 16 Oct 08

These robocalls are demonstrably false accusations framed in insinuating language which would probably be grounds for a libel suit in any other context than a partisan political campaign.  But as we have often observed there is no ethos of integrity in the modern Republican party, and the presumption of 'honour' so widely promoted as the McCain mystique and employed liberally in his campaign rhetoric is merely a ploy behind which it is 'business as usual' for the GOP we have come to know so well:

When McCain/Palin offer sleazy attacks in a speech, it's easy to hold them accountable. When they offer scurrilous lies in a television ad, it's almost as easy, especially with the whole "approve this message" line and media scrutiny of campaign advertising.

But McCain, Palin, and the Republican Smear Machine save some of their most offensive work for automated robocalls, which fly just below the radar screen. It's obviously abject cowardice, but decency and honor are the last things McCain is worried about now.

Steve Benen - The Last Refuge of a Scoundrel... Washington Monthly 16 Oct 08

This robocall offensive is a major initiative of the McCain campaign and an obvious priority in their allocation of limited resources.  This is the McCain campaign revealed in harsh light as typically underhanded, a campaign which will 'do anything and say anything' to win an election no matter what the methods; without integrity, oblivious of the consequences of it's actions and certainly bereft of honour.  These are the right-wing zealots manipulating our collective political process with falsehood and insinuation, dividing our nation and questioning our patriotism all the while.

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Does Obama Lose For Having Too Much Money?

(Also at Kos) Let me state at the outset that I respect and admire Obama.   He has done the impossible in just 13 months and is running an admirable campaign.

So, the question is, does Obama have too much money that he is spending it on campaign tactics that may not be working?

Why did he lose in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island.

I have a hypothesis that during the run up to Tuesday he spent so much money on tactics that he overwhelmed the voters and they may have turned against him in frustration. In particular, phone calls and robo calls.  

While I do not have specific data on how much he spent on phones, there is ample evidence that Obama used his fundraising success to, according to the Times, "attempt a knockout blow".

Indeed, according to the New York Times 3.2.2008:

Mr. Obama, campaign officials said, has spent about $10 million on television advertising in Texas since early February; Mrs. Clinton has spent just less than $5 million. Mr. Obama has spent about $5.3 million for television advertising in Ohio, compared with just under $3 million for Mrs. Clinton, the officials said.

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Obama - Same Old Campaign Tactics - Will You Change?

Dear Barack,

I respect you greatly.   I admire you immensely.  You have accomplished something that most Americans have not witnessed in a generation:  Giving us all hope, inspiration, and the ability to believe in America and ourselves.

So I write this to you as someone that has great admiration for what you have accomplished in this election and as someone that believes that you can bring about change to America.


Your campaign tactics and actions do not show me evidence that you are in fact the candidate of change.  Real change.

Like Hillary and McCain you:

- Spam supporters with email that they haven't asked for

and... you invade the privacy of voters across the nation by continuing to use a tactic that most voters agree has outlived their usefulness:

Robo calls or automated dialer political calls made by a computer.

Members of are sick and tired of robo calls from all candidates.   Members continue to report that they are receiving robo calls from you.

Will you stop?

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