Ethical Problems with the Progressive Movement

Jason Leopold is unapologetically immoral about veracity, and Truthout needs to be held accountable.  But we all need to be held accountable.

Here are four other examples of failure of the nascent progressive movement:

1) Ciro Rodriguez ran an unprofessional campaign.  His campaign manager was incompetent and widely understood to be unable to run a good field operation or any effective operation whatsoever.  Ciro himself was a candidate that did not understand politics, having never actually run a real campaign.  The money sunk into the Ciro campaign was wasted, and the resources that the labor unions and environmental groups followed on with into the race was wasted.

2) DFA did not want to use Actblue to process credit card donations, so they built their own system.  It did not work.  Tens of thousands of dollars in credit card donations that should have gone to Ciro's campaign did not.

3) Harry Reid cut off funding to the anti-Alito groups in October when big donors went to him and asked him if they should give.  He said no, and so the groups had no legitimacy for their campaign.  The Senators were looking to the outside groups for cover, and Reid had just cut them off.  Alito was confirmed easily.  

4) Dean won the DNC Chair race by cutting deals with state party chairs to give them money, not because of the efforts of the netroots.  Many of these state parties are incompetent and corrupt.

That Zephyr Teachout burned bridges does not make her search for ethics irrelevant.

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[Poll Added] A Progressive's Wish List

In one of the diaries someone posted a comment that the netroots can't define for themselves what it is that we want from the Democratic party and its elected officials. It was with that in mind that I put together this brief list, er, wish list. Please feel free to add anything you'd like to see coming from the Democratic party and its candidates.


  • National commitment to the Energy Apollo Project, to curtail, if not end, our dependence on fossil fuels -- I'd also like to see more exploration on alternative energy sources
  • No US forces in Iraq, no permanent basis the country
  • Rebuild and regain the trust of our nation's military after the catastrophic abuse of the past six years
  • As an aside, and as someone that served in the military, I'd like to see a mandatory -- yes, mandatory -- military service period for every American after completing high school for a two year period. (Conscientious objectors could serve in non-combat units that are not required to undergo any direct weapons training -- our nation must commit to an ideal wherein war must be a shared sacrifice, across the board, period.)

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The Need for Local Progressive Think Tanks

   A special thanks to Chris Bowers - for seeing the blogosphere as I also have seen it: an institution for positive progress, hope, and new ideas, not one for continued helplessness and gnashing of teeth.

"Communities under attack can prevail in this next chapter of conflict with the right, but they themselves need the knowledge, research skills, and resources to fight the right locally."
-Lee Cokorinos, author of Target San Diego, a report on the right-wing's assault on the progressive movement in San Diego and urban democracy, as well as its implications nationwide.

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Criminalizing Abortion

This is pretty upsetting... unfortunately, if it were up to social conservatives and to the republican party, ideally (from their point of view), one day the United States will exist under a similar anti-privacy regiment as El Salvador:

Ever imagine what it might be like to live in a place that voted to thoroughly criminalize abortion? A place that sent abortion providers to jail? That policed hospitals? That investigated a woman's uterus? Welcome to 21st-century El Salvador, the state of anti-abortion.

This is how a New York Times photo gallery introduces us to a series of dramatic black and white shots, with equally dramatic and even more moving captions. For example:

The Incarcerated: Carla Herrara, 11, clutches pictures of her mother, Carmen Climaco, who was given 30 years for an abortion that was ruled a homicide.

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What It's All About

DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas Zuniga was featured in an article in the San Francisco Chronicle today, discussing his and Jerome's new book Crashing the Gate and the state of political blogging.

The interview for me, summed up neatly what it is all about:

And eventually, he says, the online ranters have to get out of their jammies.

   "I don't want my readers to be readers. I want them to be activists," Moulitsas said. "I want them to come to Daily Kos, learn about what's happening in the country. And then when all of that is done, I want them to turn off the computer, walk outside and talk to real people."

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