Operation FLUSH RUSH is here

Greetings from Melbourne FL! On Sunday March 4, I posted a White House petition to FLUSH RUSH from Armed Forces Radio.

Why should Limbaugh have the opportunity to indoctrinate our young troopers as he’s done to so many of our friends and relatives? Why should our soldiers – while they’re on the job -- have to listen to this hatemonger denigrate their Commander-in-Chief? And Limbaugh does HATE everything, women in particular.

The petition has garnered almost 20,000+ signatures in just 6 days! It needs 25,000 total to have action taken. Would you kindly help out and sign? You do have to open an account at the White House petition site. Thanks and kindest regards. Solidarity.



How about some New Year's resolutions for the right-wing media machine?

It's that time of year again. Some have vowed to hit the gym more often. Others are swearing off cigarettes. For some, coffee has been replaced with copious amounts of socialist green tea. Still others are signing up for community service projects to help improve the world around them.

Yes, many Americans have made their New Year's resolutions. Perhaps the conservative media establishment should do the same.

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Sexist Asses on Michelle Obama.

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I'm pissed.  And for that reason I cannot really formulate a coherent response to this pile of fail:

[partial transcript starting about 1:45] Mohr: I'd like to talk about the basketball playoffs, I'd like to talk about "King" [LeBron] James, this guy could actually be greater than Michael Jordan. I'd like to talk about Kevin Garnett. This guy's the Michelle Obama of the Celtics: he doesn't really do anything, but damn, he looks good, doesn't he, Jim? Michelle Obama--that is a big dude. When Barack plays pick-up games at the White House, you know he picks Michelle as at least his forward, maybe his [center], depending on who's in Congress that day. That has to be like being married to Elton Brand. She is a big. dude. I like when she put her arm around the Queen of England and she put her in a headlock and told her, "I've been waiting 200 years to put my arms around you, lady!" I love that. I like how she shaved off all her eyebrows, and then drew them back way too high into an arch and then straight back down, so she always looks super surprised. She kinda--Michelle Obama kinda looks like the Count on Sesame Street, that's great. [mimicking the Count] "One, ah, ah, ah. One black President, ah, ah, ah."

Luckily though, there are a couple of people that have an appropriate reaction.

Holly over at Feminste writes:

Real classy way to treat the First Lady -- but if you ask me, Jay Mohr has always been about as funny as a week-old sack of dead rats. He's clearly whipping out his most tired material for Rome's sports-radio army of clones, too. Scott Madin noted over at Shakesville that there are even more racist, transphobic jokes (somehow related to steroids and gynecomastia, I guess?) later on in the clip, at about 3:30.

Over at Shakesville Madin handily notes:

Rome's website is here, and it looks like at least one of his features is sponsored by Chevy. According to Wikipedia, he's syndicated by "Premiere Radio Networks, a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications," and also hosts a show on ESPN. Judging from the clip, I'm guessing writing to Rome's show will not be productive, but contacting Clear Channel, ESPN, and/or advertisers (in a quick search I wasn't able to find out anything about other advertisers, but Chevy's contact page is here) might be more effective.

Nothing funnier than a dash of transphobic misogyny?

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The World Would Be a Better Place if REDACTED Were the President-Elect

The world would be a better place if Nancy Kallitechnis were the president-elect.  Seriously.  Think about the issues she would dedicate herself to.

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Misogynist McCain pimps his wife to horny bikers

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John McCain is a misogynist pig.  

When he's not joking about how they like to be raped by animals he's making misogynistic jokes about Chelsea Clinton and the US Attorney General.

And he doesn't even respect his own wife, whom he as dubbed a trollop and a c@nt.

But, not content to do that, he now has trotted his blonde heiress wife Cindy (is he trying to play Rick Solomon to her Paris Hilton?) in front of the crowd in Sturgis, S.D. to pander to some good ol' fashioned red-blooded Americans.

The details below the fold.

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