Why are we here? [UPDATE x2]

When is enough enough?  That is what I want to know.  How many diaries have there been about Alegre recently?  I am not sure, nor do I care.  What I want to know is how does rehashing this help us get a Democrat in the White House?

Hillary said it best that if we spend too much time looking at the past, we cannot see the future. People of MyDD, we must let go of the primary, we must let go of Hillary and Obama supporters who feel slighted, and we must let go of those who are feeling victimized in the process.

Sure, bad things were said on both sides.  Sure, some supporters on both sides made all of us cringe.  Sure, some will use the words of a blogger to let them dictate how they feel.  But, the bad feelings are on both sides.

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So much hate. So little time.

First a little background...

My diary on MyDD, six days ago (last Tuesday), entitled: "Clinton Supporters: How Can We Not Support Obama Now?" was posted on DKos a day later within a diary by CaptUnderpants: "Something amazing is happening on MyDD" this past Wednesday. The Captain's diary zoomed to the top of the Rec List there with over 500 comments and almost twice as many rec's.  

After learning about this, I decided to spend a little time reading DKos posts and comments over the past few days, in order to make an assessment of the state of affairs at DKos with regard to the community's ongoing efforts to unify our Party behind our presumptive nominee--a candidate whom I now wholeheartedly endorse.

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Don't be a jerk

Listen.  There is nothing so spectacularly unsuccessful nor singularly more of a time waster than trying to tell people what to do.  People do not like being told what to do, how to act or what not to say.  They don't.  Period.

Worse, telling asshats not to be asshats is worse than useless.  If they listened or cogitated they probably wouldn't be asshats.  So, telling an asshat to stop being himself is a waste of air.

So, diaries telling people to stop talking trash about Clinton/Obama/McCain's Wife are going to be a. Unsuccessful and b. Piss off people who don't like being told what to do.  Diaries telling people to make nice or see reality are only preaching to the choir and are good stomping grounds for the latest asshat to come cruising in talking about how he will never vote for that lousy so-and-so or why should he be nice to that other dickweed over there "He started it!"

In conclusion.  Don't bother.  Go pet your cat.  Go feed your goat.  Go polish the monkey.  Just don't bother telling people what to do and how to do it.

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"no unity with cult and idiots"

The user who wrote this (and many other comments like it) hasn't been banned and still has rec/ratings access after a month of this trolling, FYI.

It's time to clean house at MyDD.  I'll leave if these trolls aren't banned soon after primary season is over.

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Friday ipod Challenge Now W/ Mojo Love Fest!

It's time to take a break from all the bickering. Turn on your ipod, (or zune or whatever),  hit shuffle, and report the first ten songs that play. It's simple, it's fun, and you just might find some new music to groove to. Just follow the simple rules.

Hey, theres gotta be rules!!

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