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Earlier today, I rushed to the defense of Russ Feingold. 59/643#30

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Book Review: Taking on the System, by kos

Taking on the System is a book that I have been waiting on for a long time -- and not just because I have been hearing about it from it from its more nascent stages here in Berkeley from kos, who gets full billing as Markos Moulitsas Zúniga on the book's cover.

Ever since I began devoting several hours a day to blogging about politics more than four years ago, and especially since I started writing professionally for MyDD nearly three years ago, I have been looking for a clear and concise way to explain to my family and friends just what I have been devoting so much of my time and effort to. Whenever I have been asked by a reporter or a Democrat of another generation or even a professor interested in politics about my ideology, or if I am some kind of crazy blogger insistent on a far left political orthodoxy, I have kindly explained that, no, my focus is more on electoral outcomes and bringing effective change than allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good, all the while hoping that someone would write the tome laying out this pragmatic vision of direct action within the age of the Internet.

This is just that book.

In the 288 highly readable and very engaging pages of Taking on the System, which is released tomorrow, Markos lays out his eight rules for achieving progressive change within today's digital world. Far from just being a book for a bloggers, about bloggers, by a blogger, this is a book that is relevant far beyond the Netroots, or even the expressly political realm. It is a book that folks who don't spend hours a day on sites like MyDD or Talking Points Memo or Daily Kos can read, understand and thoroughly enjoy. Markos goes to great lengths to relate developments within society -- for instance the new open source ways in which new albums are reaching consumers, overturning some of the notions of unchecked and uncheckable powers of the gatekeepers in the music industry -- to changes within the political system that likewise have the capacity to make the country more democratic.

I know that I will be ordering a few copies of the book to give away to assorted friends and family, and I will also personally recommend it to a handful of professors to incorporate into their coursework this fall. But even if you're not at the place where you're looking to purchase multiple copies of a book you have not yet read to give to friends, I would nevertheless highly recommend you get a copy for yourself to see what it's all about. Whether you're someone relatively new to the Netroots, becoming more involved during this year's primaries or even more recently than that, or you're someone who remembers the flame wars on Daily Kos during the last Democratic primaries (or even points further ago in the past than that) -- or even if you just stumbled on this site because you were looking for the latest poll or political news but are not an out and out political junkie -- Taking on the System is a book you should buy and delight in reading.

Another diary attacking this site

. . . is not what we need.  It's boring and getting real repetitious.

You don't like this site?  Goodbye.  Farewell.  Vaya con dios.  Don't let the door hit your . . .

You'd run your site differently?  Awesome!  Go to blogger and start one up.  Show us how it's done.  Let a thousand flowers bloom.  Let the best site prevail in the free marketplace of ideas.  I'm sure your site, run your way, would be just the greatest!

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GBC Purity

    I post here occasionally, and mainly diary at Daily Kos, I'll get into reasons later...but lately, I have been noticing a few final diaries (usually called GBCW's).
     I don't have a personal relationship with many diarists here, and the ones I do, know me, and know how much work I've put into this campaign since last year.
     Those relationships have caused me to think a lot about what I expect from  from friendships (such as they are online), campaigns, and political websites.

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My First and Last PUMA Diary

Seeing as there has been a call to end PUMA diaries after today, and that I have yet to write one, I clearly need to get my ass in gear and bang one out before the deadline.  OK, so here it goes.

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