A Teaching Moment

Here is an example of a long, well-written, fact-filled diary on a subject:

Facts Belie the Scapegoating of Black People for Proposition 8

And here is an example of the opposite, on the same subject:

why are african americans so intolerant of others?

By the way, it took only a single Recommendation to send the latter onto the Recommended list, which suggests some adjustment is needed in that algorithm. (There are actually two Recs for it now, but for a while, there was just one.)

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Les Misbarack

Speaking only for myself, I need a serious mental health break at this point.  This time tomorrow, hopefully we'll know for sure, one way or the other.

With that, I present a musical interlude to take us into Election Day. "One Day More," as performed by Ultimate Improv.

Hope is the new black.

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Why I'm not a meanie redistributionist.

I have several stories to relate as to why I'm going to be participating in the upcoming Conservative thumping that's about to occur.  

It all starts back in 1992, I was a good little communist and I would kick all the appropriate people in the shins.  If you had Bush 41 bumper sticker, your shins were going to be sore.  I was even president of the local anti-American society at my high school: "The Society of Pointy Heads".

My first reason for not voting for the redistributionist is that I was watching a Clinton speech in 1992 when all of a sudden I laid down on the floor.  Then out of the blue, my little 5 pound poodle comes up behind and starts pulling my hair with his vicious doggy teeth.  That little five pound ball of terror would make my life miserable.  It also happens that little mfer would always wag his fluffy doggy tail whenever then Gov. Clinton would speak.  So clearly since all 5 pound dogs support Democrats, I knew at that moment, I had to become a Republican.  I stayed in denial until the second slight.

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Time to Remove the Confluence (Updated!)

I am but a visitor on Jerome's site, and as I have said repeatedly, Jerome is free to do with his site what he wishes.

He may express his views without reproach, as he has earned that position through hard work and talent. Like so many of us, we can only hope to make an insightful comment.

While I have never hesitated to respectfully disagree with him (and defend him) over the election, a discrepancy of late has caught the attention of a few. Specifically, the Confluence remains on the Blogroll.

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"Eat a Turd, Troll"

A few days ago I posted a blog on MyDD about George W. Bush's way of "leading" the United States by stampeding Congress and the media into Afghanistan and Iraq and the Patriot Act and now the great Wall Street bail-out. What kind of "cowboy President" leads by stampeding?

It's a picture of Bush as an insane cowboy, with the rest of the so-called establishment playing the role of mindless cattle.

So far so good, for a little impressionistic diary about the financial meltdown...

But then I also mentioned that Barack Obama hasn't exactly been leading the Democrats on this issue, and this observation garnered the one and only comment on my blog:

"Eat a turd, troll."

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