The MyDD Top Twenty-Five

For reasons that I can barely grasp, I just spent the last three hours going through the most popular tags on both MyDD and Dailykos. I have compiled the compelte results in a PDF which you can view here, sorted by most popular overall, most popular issues, and most popular people:

MyDD and Dailykos Tag Popularity

It is hardly a complete study, but I just don't have the time to go any further with this today. I did spend a lot of time determining which twenty-five people have been talked about most frequently on MyDD, and I think the rankings are quite fun. For every person, I added together all of the many tags that refer to that person. The number in parenthesis indicates who often a person is talked about in relation to the most talked about person:
  1. George Bush (100.0)
  2. Joe Lieberman (63.0)
  3. Ned Lamont (57.9)
  4. Hillary Clinton (35.9)
  5. Barack Obama (30.4)
  6. John Edwards (26.9)
  7. Nancy Peolosi (24.2)
  8. John McCain (19.2)
  9. Dick Cheney (17.4)
  10. Jim Webb (16.7)
  11. Howard Dean (16.5)
  12. Al Gore (15.2)
  13. Russ Feingold (13.9)
  14. Rahm Emanuel (12.6)
  15. George Allen (12.3)
  16. Mark Foley (12.2)
  17. Karl Rove (11.9)
  18. John Kerry (10.1)
  19. William Jefferson (9.9)
  20. Eric Massa (9.2)
  21. Tom DeLay (8.6)
  22. Patrick Murphy (7.7)
  23. Jon Tester (7.1)
  24. Bill Clinton (6.8)
  25. Mark Warner (6.5)
Keep in mind that MyDD only introduced the tagging system thirteen months ago, so these rankings only reflect that time frame. Maybe I will do more of this later on. Anyway, check out the full "study" here.

Update: Some shoddy work on my part. Harry Reid is actually 14th, with 117 stories for 12.7%, and Wesley Clark is actually just ahead of Mark Warner, with 62 stories for 6.7%. So I guess it is a top 27.

Within the System and Without

Here is how Nanette put it.

There is a huge gulf between those that want a tweak... and those that feel that what is really needed is a change. Most of the kos and kos satellite blogs - bootrib, fdl, mydd, mlw to a lesser extent, etc - and participants are tweakers. They've convinced themselves (especially the mydd'ers... good god) that, yes, they really can be THE progressive movement, even if their ranks are made up of primarily comfortably well off white males. Tweakers. A mile wide and an inch deep... because, as I mentioned to Stoller, when whatever burr is in their hide (war in iraq, Bush in white house, etc) is removed, the slightly discomforted will be comfortable again and go on with their lives.

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Morning Open Thread

I crashed hard last night, falling asleep at around 9:30. That is very strange for me, since I almost never go to sleep before 2 a.m. On the plus side, I woke up at about 4:45, and I have been able to be quite productive this morning. Working in the morning has been so nice, that I am considering changing my sleep schedule altogether.

This is a morning open thread. In the extended entry, I finally have the results of the second part of the MyDD reader survey. Hopefully, I will post the next part of the survey later today or tomorrow.

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Why Movements Move Me

During the fight with the Republican Noise Machine last week over the stunning revelation that junior staffers for John Edwards have the gall to disagree with the theological doctrine of the Virgin Birth, I made it clear that one of my main priorities in determining which Democratic candidates I support in primaries was the degree to which a given candidate has both the ability and the willingness to build the progressive movement. I have received quite a number of emails and comments about this stance, and so I would like to take some time to explain it. Let me start by saying that I was not exaggerating for rhetorical effect, or otherwise distorting my feelings on the matter. This is one of the main, if not the main, criteria I use to determine my personal selection of candidates. It also is not an over intellectualization of the situation, or simple, selfish behavior to reward whatever candidate who is willing to reward my constituency. This is something that comes deep from within my heart and my gut. Whether it is Howard Dean, Barack Obama, Anne Dicker, Ned Lamont or John Edwards, the candidate with the movement is the candidate who I want to be with.

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Blog Business

Chris Bowers writes, under the title On Increased Entry Costs In The Progressive Blogosphere on the growth of the "blogosphere" and where it stands today. His analysis I believe is quite incomplete and in some ways fundamentally flawed.

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