Basic characteritics of master batch.

Basic characteritics of master batch.

Master batch is excessive chemical additives, used in polypropylene yarn extrusion processing,the carrier resin and dispersant components,is the extraordinary amount of master batch pigment (dye) are uniformly attached to the resin contained in the obtained aggregate. 

The main characteristics of master batch:

a) Pigment

Generally divided organic pigments such as phthalocyanine green, etc.; inorganic pigments such as red iron oxide, titanium dioxide, etc.; dyes such as restoring pink, Disperse Orange and so on. Polyolefins, PVC master batch is used in pigments, dyes is not available for the general said polyolefin coloring, otherwise it will cause severe migration.

b) As dispersing agent

Mainly on the pigment surface wetting, is conducive to further pigment dispersion and stability in the resin, and good compatibility with the resin must not affect the coloring product quality. Polyolefin master batch dispersants generally use low molecular weight polyethylene wax or zinc stearate, etc. Plastic master batch using a polar dispersant generally low molecular weight polyethylene wax, stearic acid, magnesium stearate and calcium.

c) The carrier resin

Make the pigment evenly distributed granular master batch. The carrier is selected to consider the compatibility of the resin to be colored, but also consider the master batch should have good dispersibility, so the carrier mobility should be longer than the colored resin, while being colored does not affect the product quality. If a larger selection of similar melt index polymer, the melt index of the master batch was significantly higher in the polymer, in order to ensure that the final product of the same color. PE, PP master batch select LDPE (low density polyethylene) resin as the carrier, PS, ABS modified PS master batch selected as the carrier.






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