Vermonters: Tell us your healthcare horror stories

Burlington - The Vermont Workers' Center's "Healthcare is a Human Right" campaign is looking to hear from Vermonters about their healthcare horror stories.

For months volunteers for the Vermont Workers' Center have been surveying Vermonters from all across the state, about their experience with the healthcare community. The results have been clear: Vermonters believe that healthcare should be a human right.

The state, however, has come up woefully short on this issue. More than 11 percent of all Vermonters are without health insurance, including more than 11,000 children. Thousands more are woefully under-insured, and cannot afford their costly premiums and co-pays, which are only rising as the cost of healthcare soars.

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ACTION REQUIRED: Executive Power Grab in Banking Bail Out Bill

This is from a diary at DKos about the proposed Wall Street Bailout and proposed legal language that we Democrats must make sure does not pass. this is the largest transfer of congressional power to the executive branch ever..this is an extension of the Bush regime's plan to apparantly destroy America the beautiful.

Original Diary is here: 153952/268/395/603713

All Credit to the diarist: Larry Madill

Please read and Do something!

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Veterans Advocates Skeptical Of New V.A. Registration Policies

Cross-posted at Project Vote's blog, Voting Matters

Weekly Voting Rights News Update

By Erin Ferns

We recently wrote about the Department of Veterans Affairs decision to open its facilities to voter registration drives after months of urging by voting rights groups and elected officials. This week, however, "VA voter suppression continues," as AlterNet's Steven Rosenfeld wrote Tuesday, with voter registration efforts being blocked in California and the VA general counsel criticizing the pending Veterans Voting Support Act (S. 3308), which would bolster federal protection of voter registration opportunities for all wounded veterans. With just three weeks left to register voters in most states, advocates say now is the time to support voter registration efforts in VA facilities and, most importantly, it needs to be explicitly protected from now on through federal law.

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Drill, Nancy, Drill?

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You may well be wondering - why the heck is Nancy Pelosi pushing through a bill that allows for offshore drilling? Isn't that against everything we're supposed to stand for? Is this another example of business-as-usual betraying core Democratic principles?

Alas, sometimes green areas fall in grey areas. Here's the scoop:

Where's the fire? Why rush it through now?

The offshore drilling ban, in place now for decades, has a "sunset provision". It has to be renewed every few years.

Unless a bill is passed, the ban expires on September 30. At which point... Bush could immediately hand out leases anywhere he wants to.

So, we need a bill, and a bill that can pass, by September 30....

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FESA not FISA: Energize America at Netroots Nation

Join us at Netroots Nation, next Friday, room 19, 9 am, for Energizing America:  Setting an Agenda for Progress.  This panel will range far and wide across our energy challenges and opportunities.  

On the panel, two founders of Energize America: Jerome a Paris and Devilstower; two extremely Energy Smart candidates, Debbie Cook (CA-45) and Mark Begich (AK-Senate), and myself.

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