I have formed a new liberal LEGISLATIVE political party.


I have seen and had ENOUGH failure from the progressive side of politics.  ENOUGH! I want progressives to succeed. We cannot play nice with conservatives. I save my compassion for the poor, the unemployed, the retired elderly and disabled and the disenfranchised. This failure comes from the REFUSAL to use boycotts against conservatives and their friends by progressives suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. In fact I now refuse to help so called progressive organizations that will not boycott the friends of conservatives in order to put pressure on the conservatives to do as we demand.

I do not have compassion for bull headed conservatives bent on ruining other people's lives.

The way we do not play nice involves what Gandhi would do, namely shun those and their friends who seek to ruin other people's lives. I did not originate boycotts but I appear new in adapting the boycott to political and legislative outcomes.

I have created the following strategies for getting legislation and it appears easy to create something.

I have created a new legislative political party: The Liberal Democratic Party of the United States.

We do not raise money.

We do not handle money.

We do not break up your Party. You remain in your own chosen party for the purpose of elections but you also join mine for the purpose of getting needed legislation and political action. You can take action EVERY DAY and not just at  election cycles.

We tell you how not to spend your money and get legislation for
not spending money with well known conservative contributors.

It costs nothing to join this party but some of your day
sending these emails and getting many others to send these emails.

We can get progressive legislation with a new strategy.

Please pass this email to your friends as soon as possible. Thank you.

Instead of petitioning a corporate corrupted congress for legislation, petition the corporate friends of conservatives in both the GOPranos and the Democratic party for legislation and include a boycott threat in your email petitions as you see below. Spread the word please.

You can find the full list of emails here



You can see some of these emails below on the web site.

send this email to contacttheboard@riteaid.com at Rite Aid for a strong public option.

To the Rite Aid CEO:

I join with many other people who demand that you get congress and the President to enact a single payer health care plan that will work like HR676 but will not ban private insurance. Your company PAC has given money to conservatives over the years.

This public option will get fully funded by US government general federal taxes.

People will have no monthly premiums, no copays, no yearly deductibles, no coverage gaps, no means tests and no yearly or lifetime caps for coverage.

This public option will cover 100 percent of the cost of: all doctor's visits including dental visits, all generic and patented medications, surgery and all hospital visits, hospice and nursing home residence and abortion, contraception and other family planning costs.

People can choose this single payer public option health care plan at will even if they had or have private plans presently.

People will have the option to choose private plans or keep the private plans that they have now.

This legislation should appear implemented as amendments to HR676

Until this legislation gets enacted into law, I REFUSE to do business with Rite Aid Pharmacies

Do as I demand, or you will lose my business and the business and income from many other people as myself.

Good day.

send this email to Brown-Forman@b-f.com at Brown Forman to stop conservatives from filibustering legislation.

To the Brown Forman CEO:

Your company PAC has given money to Sen. Mitch McConnell in the past. I will not buy Jack Daniels Whiskey and Southern Comfort until you convince Mitch McConnell to stop all filibusters on legislation and holds on appointments for the duration of the Obama administration.

Good Day.

send this email to contacttheboard@riteaid.com at Rite Aid for a Real prescription drug benefit in Medicare Part B.

To the Rite Aid CEO

Congress and the President must enact a new prescription drug benefit in Medicare Part B covering 80% of the cost of all patented and generic drugs with no extra monthly premiums, no extra yearly deductible, no means tests, no coverage gaps, no late sign up penalties and remove the means test for Medicare Part B and this benefit will get administered by the government and not any private company and until that happens, I refuse to buy ANYTHING from Republican contributor Rite Aid Pharmacies.

Good day.

send this email to john_barker@wendys.com at Wendy's corporation for a $10 an hour minimum wage.

To the Wendy's CEO

Congress and the President must enact a $10/HR MINIMUM WAGE into law and until this happens I will not go to any Republican contributor Wendy's Restaurants.

Good Day.

send this email to Brown-Forman@b-f.com at Brown Forman to get the employee free choice enacted into law.

To the Brown Forman CEO


Good Day.

send this email to war contractor General Electric Corporation at gary.sheffer@ge.com and demand a resolution from congress ending the Iraq and Afghan wars.

Dear Sir

I demand that your CEO get the Congress and the President to enact a resolution to end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and remove the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and until then I will not buy any consumer items from war contractor and Republican contributor General Electric Corporation.

Good day.



Wisconsin May Be First State to Enact Automatic Voter Registration Law

Cross-posted to Project Vote's blog, Voting Matters

A bill to automatically register voters when applying for a driver’s license was introduced to the Wisconsin Assembly yesterday. If passed, advocates in Wisconsin say the state would be the first to implement this streamlined procedure to make voter registration accurate and accessible under law.

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Are There Republican Moles in the Lay-Staff of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops?


I was listening to NPR this morning, and they were talking about the position of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops regarding healthcare reform and abortion.

Any time that anyone talks about their position, this morning, it was a law professor, the consensus is that the position of the Bishops is coming from somewhere in the Twilight Zone: There is simply no basis in realities of law, precedent, legislation, or the manner in which regulation is derived from statute to suggest the Senate language will allow for federal funding of abortion.

This raises an obvious question: Why does the professional staff of the Conference hold a position at such extreme odds with every lawyer, and almost every other Catholic organization out there, most recently the Catholic Health Association and 59,000 nuns?

The only answer that I can come up with is that the professional staff working in their offices have been captured by partisan Republican operatives.

Either there are Republican operatives working and generating legal and legislative opinions, or the staff has been browbeaten by the loud right wing lay activists, most notably Bill Donohue and his Catholic League, and so the staff is taking its talking points from Republican operatives.

In either case, it is clear that the staff is NOT providing competent or good faith advice.

Perhaps a look at the senior lay staff at the organization, and their backgrounds might be warranted by some news gathering organization. (I sent an earlier version of my theory to Josh Marshall, if you know of any other investigative organizations, please forward this to them.)

Note that I am not suggesting that the Bishops themselves are operating as partisan political operatives, simply that their staff may be operating as such.

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Voter ID Debate Weathers Storm: Bill Passes in S.C., another Brews in Missouri

Cross-posted to Project Vote's blog, Voting Matters

After the state Supreme Court shut down Indiana’s contentious photo voter ID law as unconstitutional last September for unfairly exempting absentee voters, this year’s crop of voter ID bills appeared to be tweaked just enough to avoid major public scrutiny. This month, however, policymakers have returned to debating over traditional photo ID bills that pertain to voters who cast a ballot in person, and unfortunately, they are picking up in several states.

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New Brief Discusses Improvements for Counting Provisional Ballots

Cross-posted to Project Vote's blog, Voting Matters

Although the Help America Vote Act of 2002 provided "fail-safe" provisional voting to prevent the unnecessary disenfranchisement of eligible citizens who show up at the polls to find that they are not on the rolls, there are still thousands of voters whose ballots are not being counted.

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