10 Reasons for the Netroots to Reach Out to Environmentalists

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I am an environmentalist.  I have been since I was very small.  And I'm a netroots activist - I haven't been that quite so long, but I have been reading political blogs since I was too young to drive a car.  

In this post, Matt Stoller of MyDD lists some broad tactics to guide the netroots in building a people-powered movement for the coming years.  #2 on the list was: "Expand our netroots base: Let's get more people involved.  Let's build bridges to different communities, and bring their influentials onto the internet to engage in dialogue." 

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Crafting the 60 Percent Position

Democrats are about to transition from a period where we were focused largely on winning electoral victories (ie. winning back power) to a period of governance.

In this period we will be focused both on maintaining and expanding our electoral success and the core mission of any majority party: crafting policy and moving our legislative agenda.

The laws we write are as important as the electoral victories we win. In fact, the legislation we craft is the reason we won those victories in the first place. I'd like to talk about this reality a bit...

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From the Slippery Slope into the Abyss

...Bush and his minions in the Senate and the House have now formally trashed the Constitution and Bill of Rights that this nation was founded upon and that they swore to protect and defend when they took office. The people of the United States, and the people of the world if they have oil or anything else coveted by the regime, now have the same rights as the German people had in the 1930's and 40's. The right to agree, to not question, to do as they are told, or to look out through the razor wire until they die of starvation, disease, or are executed...

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Much Ado About English

I tend to lean in agreement with the argument that says we don't do anyone a favor by offering multi-language services because they allow some segment of the immigrant population--however large or small that segment may be--to navigate through daily life in America without ever becoming fluent in the English language.  But we've had such services for decades now, and if American society is collapsing, it isn't because the signs on some grocery stores in Los Angeles read Super Mercado.  

Under the fold: por que?

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Rush Holt's HR 550 and Bev Harris

A furor seems to have erupted recently among verified voting activists about HR 550, a bill that seeks to improve our voting laws by requiring a paper trail and audits.  Bev Harris of Black Box Voting came out in opposition to the bill on the same day that True Majority emailed their members urging support for it.  Debate has raged on lists and web sites all week.

I support H.R.550, while agreeing with some of the criticisms.  Below, I outline what people have been writing (including Bev Harris, Rush Holt, and Nancy Tobi), and why I support the bill.  Read on... and then call your Representative!

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