Obama: Congress's Failure To Pass Hate Crimes Legislation, "Truly Unacceptable"


It is a few days old (Thursday) but I just ran across this statement by Barack Obama on the spineless Democratic leaderships decision to strip the Matthew Shepard Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act as an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act. This is a very important issue to me because I have gay uncles on both sides of the family. My godfathers are gay and yet a radical minority has used hatred and bigotry to size on people's fears and prejudices and gain political power to enforce there radical, hateful agenda. And those bigots have made it into the "mainstream" of political dialog and blocked one of the most seemingly uncontroversial and simple laws with threats of retaliation.

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Obama: Keep Americans Warm + Action

Barack Obama today joined with progressive hero Senator Bernard Sanders (I-VT) to introduce the Keep Americans Warm Act of 2007. It may sound like something you read in the Onion but it is real. His legislation would provide an additional $1 billion in emergency funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) to ensure that millions of low-income families, senior citizens, and disabled Americans are able to heat their homes, keep their lights on, and cook their food during the coldest months of the year. Bush proposed reducing LIHEAP funding in his budget proposal. Then he turned around and vetoed LIHEAP funding included in the Senate-passed version of the Labor HHS bill. This puts millions of Americans at risk of not being able to heat their homes this winter. Most of us probably will be able to heat our homes but the reality is that millions simply can't afford it.

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Obama: Our Kids, Our Future

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This morning in Manchester, New Hampshire, Barack Obama delivered a major policy address, unveiling his comprehensive plan to provide a world-class education for all Americans. Obama has seen since his days as a community organizer in impoverished urban neighborhood the importance of a good education. He fought for better education as a community organizer, state senator and United States Senator. Plus as a former university professor I believe he is the only teacher running for presidential. LBJ was a teacher and he passed some of the most important education reforms in our country's history. Could teacher Obama become the next education president? Read about his plan below.

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Obama: A Record Fighting Avian Flu

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When you saw this you might have said "Avian Flu? Who cares about Avian Flu?" But people should care about Avian Flu, and it's a perfect example of how Barack Obama gets things done on issues that may not seem glamorous but could affect the life's of millions of people. Barack Obama has been a leader in the Senate on Avian Flu and has worked hard to implement solutions. He has a quite impressive record on this issue and I urge you to look even further into it but I'll try to summarize it best I can.

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Damage Control: Clinton Campaign Website Issues Updated To Include Entry On Immigration Reform

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Following Hillary Clinton's trouble Tuesday night with drivers licenses for illegal immigrants question, the Clinton campaign has been spinning all day long.  If there was any doubt that the campaign is seriously worried about the impact of Clinton's answer that doubt can end now...

At some point today, the Clinton campaign website was updated to include a new entry in the issues section called "Reforming our Immigration System." Given that up until today, this list only had 10 topics on it, the rapid addition of the immigration issue can only mean one thing - damage control.  I spotted this addition based on memory, but verified by comparing a cached version of website from October 27, 2007 to the current version. [As an aside, this is the kind of situation that exemplifies why I was and am so frustrated with the Edwards campaign for their intentional blocking of the archiving of their website].

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