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Hillary Is Receptive and Responsive to North Carolina Voters

Although NC is a late participant in the primary process, North Carolinians desire to have their particular concerns addressed before votes are cast on 6 May.  The population of this state has exploded, and trade agreements have adversely impacted many of this state's industries.  Moreover, the state has a high rate of home foreclosures.  These are just a few of the problems for which NC voters are seeking solutions.  But only one candidate will hear and understand them.

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Hillary's Bold and Progressive Agenda

While the media vultures swarm around Hillary Clinton declaring her candidacy dead.  While the DNC leaders try to sway Super Delegates to see it their way and get behind Barack Obama.  While the Obama campaign and supporters try to convince upcoming voters that they may as well get with the program and vote for him because, afterall, SHE can't win.

While the negative attacks continue against Hillary Clinton to drive up her unfavorable ratings and drive down her poll numbers, while everything (again) is stacked against her - what does Hillary Clinton do?

She defies the odds, the media and the DNC.  Instead of giving up, Hillary lays out a bold and progressive agenda for America.

Hillary Clinton, with all her human shortcomings continues to amaze even her detractors as she shows us why she is the most progressive candidate running for President.

While everyone else is analyzing delegate numbers and calculating spreadsheets - Hillary shows us what she will do as Commander in Chief,where she wants to take our country and how she will lead America in a positive, global direction.

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time for a full ginsburg

The momentum gained by Hillary's victories is dissipating. Most of her supporters were rightly concerned about the long gap till the next primary. As feared, the entire media narrative is now focussed on the horse race and into a terrain unsuited for a master of  the real issues facing the country.  In addition to her local appearance, Senator Clinton needs to  have a relaxed long conversation about the issues with the national press by executing a full Ginsburg. She can  also seize the opportunity to clock the interlocutors for focusing on the horse race. She should deflect  all the horse race questions and who said what when by doggedly laying out the case why the country needs her after the seven years of despotic republican misrule. She can also use the opportunity to lay out how , because of the changed circumstances she will be different from Bill Clinton. Even if she is not the nominee it will memorialize for the democrats what could have been.

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Your candidate sucks!

The "discourse" in the Dem primary is getting sillier as the contest continues. You know things are bad, when you start seeing comments like this one:

Your attempt to change the subject to "the issues" is irrelevant.

-- a dailykos commenter, replying to newhorizons attempts to inject some sanity into a comment thread over there. Read in context, it is clear that the commenter was totally serious. I hereby claim this as my new sig line. :-)

I stole the title of this diary from Atrios, who has taken to using variations on it as the title to his open threads. In the extended entry, I have listed:

Arguments I hope I'll never see on MyDD again
... for the rest of the primaries. (yeah right, dream on)

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