How HRC can win Oregon

This diary is written in support of HRC's continued efforts to campaign across America, specifically Oregon.  While I am aware of the large lead Obama has, it is not out of the question that the margin can be drastically reduced. It will be a winning strategy for HRC to reduce or eliminate this margin, which O has right now precisely because he hasn't been specific.

Oregon is a wonderful state; most of the "blue" from Oregon comes from the western urban areas of Oregon--from Portland to Eugene.  The central and eastern part of the state is about as red as you can get, with the exception of Indian Tribes who often vote for the democrat.

I have seen Obama's "oregon plan", which as everyone knows made the embarassing mistake of placing the Great Lakes in oregon, and proposing changes that have already been in place in ORegon for several years.  

What Obama misses entirely is the detail of the critically intertwined issues of environment, economic development, treaty rights, salmon, irrigation and hydropower that form the context of reaching out to Oregon.  I think Obama's strategy is to rev up the masses without much subtance.

Because Obama doesn't plan to debate in Oregon, this provides a perfect opportunity to raise some serious questions for him that he won't be able to answer with sound bites or a large rally.  By strategically placing these issues in front of voters, I think the shine will begin to wear off Obama.

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What is Senator Clinton thinking?

Here is another reason why Senator Obama looks so much better once we start comparing ISSUES. This $30 gas tax summer savings by Senator Clinton is pandering at it's best. Everyone seems to agree other than Senator McCain that it's a terrible idea which if she could implement which of course she can't that it could actually cause a rise in fuel costs. Does she quietly back down? no she accuses Senator Obama of not caring about the poor. Please this reminds me of the Bosnia sniper fire where she thought she could get away with saying anything without anyone looking into it. This very small issue is making her look bad and it will hurt her. Senator Clinton and her "advisors" are again showing what they are made of. Imagine $30 over a summer.
What was she thinking and what was the motivation for this very real issue?

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Topics for a myDD debate...

Deleted as this has no relevance.

Stop Distractions with False Accusations, Debate The Issues

Will Senator Obama stop the petty distractions, accusations and personal attacks and start dealing with the issues important to the american people?

It is becoming quite tiring having to deal with constant attempts to sway the conversation away from the issues most important, while demeaning a fellow democrat, former First Lady and fellow sitting senior Senator, with talk of question her honesty and making claims of attacks.  When, if anything, facts as recent as last week's debate and this past weekend's calls and ads points to someone else not being truthful.

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What you probably missed today...UPDATED!!!



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