Obama, the flip-flopper?

Is Obama a flip-flopper? Has he been shifting to the right since the end of the primaries?

Let's take a look at Obama's positions on the issues now and then.

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John McCain on the Issues - Part 1 - Women's Issues

Before the end of the Democratic primary process there was much speculation about Barack Obama's support among women. The fact that Obama's support amongst women was weak while he was running against a woman candidate gave many pundits all the excuse they needed to suggest that support would remain weak once the primaries ended. They were obviously wrong, as the current polls show.

Another premise put forward by some pundits is that women vote more with their emotions than on the issues. They are as wrong about this as they are about Obama's weakness with female voters. All that is needed to disprove this claim is to look at women's voting patterns over the years.

Women have always favored the Democratic Party over the GOP. The Democratic Party is also the party with the best record and issues platform when it comes to women's issues. Put those two factors together and it becomes apparent that women have been voting on the issues all along.

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Obama must know he needs a 60 Dem Senate

More and more I'm realizing the "Change" Obama espouses is also a change in congress. By target new battle ground states like the Alaska post mentions today, he is completely helping his democratic brothers and sisters.

What I was worried about most concerning his presidential bid, was that he was not calculating enough, but I think he knows he can and will affect change with a Blue Senate.

Think of what could be accomplished if this happened. What would we want them to tackle in the first 2 years before the 2010 vote? I think Energy and Iraq (kind of hand in hand in my opinion) should be first. What do you all want to get done? Aren't you excited by all our great candidates! Who do you think Obama will help most?

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OH-16: Where John Boccieri Lives

Cross-posted from OH-16: John Boccieri for U.S. Congress:

The drumbeat about where Ohio State Senator Major John Bocceri lives started in the Democratic Primary Race for the United States House of Representative for Ohio's 16th Congressional District. It was the only plank his Democratic Primary opponent could find to use against him and it didn't stick. The Major won by nearly a 2-1 margin in all four counties of the 16th, Ashland, Medina, Stark and Wayne, in the March 4th Primary.

As if by some stroke of political genius, this drumbeatwas supposed to stick through November as the big isssue. And, almost like a Rovellian tantric chant, it seems to keep popping up. John was actually hoping that "the carpetbagger" issue would remain a central theme to the campaign against him. The Major's response to the issue has never changed:

"They are worried about where I lay my head down on the pillow at night, but I'm more worried about where people go to work in the morning."

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Obama Now Includes "Women" in "Issues" Section of Website

I wrote 2 Diaries about this issue in the past month... and I've sent the Obama campaign numerous emails since January asking them to explain to me why "Women" didn't warrant a category under the "Issues" section of his campaign website. All "Women" issues were under the "People" section. Personally, I found that completely unacceptable. It bothered me tremendously.

Clearly, my tiny voice was not alone. I'm sure there were thousands of women who felt equally slighted by this.

Today "Women" IS A CATEGORY under the "Issues" pull-down menu on the Obama campaign website. The last time I looked this was NOT the case (perhaps a week ago?), but it has been changed!

I think this is a smart move by Obama as Hillary Clinton's female supporters begin to look more closely at him.

Clearly his campaign staff DID recognize that this was deserving of a redesign and that "Women" warranted a listing under "Issues" (unlike the Obama supporters here who frankly belittled and dismissed my concerns as petty and hair-splitting everytime I raised them).

Good for Obama. It does make me feel better to see these issues proudly, clearly front-and-center... as they should be on ANY Democratic candidate's platform!

Here were my old diaries championing for this issue (and the responses I received) if anyone is interested:

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