"This Election is Not About Issues"

So said McCain's campaign manager, Rick Davis.

http://voices.washingtonpost.com/thefix/ 2008/09/mccain_manager_this_election_i.h tml#more

"This election is about a composite view of what people take away from these candidates."

Such is their wish. Davis wants and needs this to be about how voters perceive the two candidates - Obama raising vs lowering taxes, Obama as inexperienced/ready to lead, Obama as celebrity.

Don't let it happen. Talk about the issues.

Own the issues, and you will own the election.

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Sarah Palin on the Issues

Thought you'd all like to see the many, many stands Sarah Palin has taken on the issues:

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This election - and this website - is not about you

Last week we had a series of diaries about what people thought of this web site.

This week we have a series of diaries decrying or defending individuals who diary and post here.

Here's my two cents -- this election is not about you.  And it sure isn't about this website and what you or anyone else have said.

If you thought that politics is about yourfeelings with respect to what's been said about the primary or your diary or posting, well, think about the feelings of:

- The parents who were up all night with their young child who may have an ear infection.  The child has been crying and pulling at her ear and has been difficult to comfort. A fever has been creeping up. But the family doesn't have health insurance and doesn't want to take the child to an emergency room, wait for hours, and then have a huge bill to pay.

- The spouse of a soldier who is on her or his third tour in Iraq. You thought this would be over years ago and maybe you really supported the war at the start. But once you realized that the American people had been lied into the war, you knew you wanted your love home. It's tearing you apart and you've long been scared that she will come home deeply injured or killed.

- The woman who found out she is pregnant and it is a pregnancy that was not planned nor wanted. Perhaps the woman is more a girl than a woman and didn't use birth control effectively because the sex education she got only talked about abstinence or she was just a typical teenager who thought it would never happen to her. Or maybe she's a woman whose family has huge economic challenges and another mouth to feed just won't help them deal with them. Or maybe the woman has a medical condition that makes the pregnancy especially dangerous.

- The parents of a child who just graduated from high school and plans on going to college, but the money looks really impossible right now.  They saved some money but the stock market has plunged. And in any case, the loan market has become more difficult. They remembered the very low interest loans they had available, but these are just not there for middle-class people anymore.

I could go on and on, but keep this in mind - this election is not about who said what to whom on this little website.

Politics is about making choices about things that matter. One of two people will be our next president. We know that these two people have very different views about what to say to those people who are worried. One thinks they are whiners, wants to keep the war going, cares nothing about access to higher education, and would like to restrict choice.  The other wants to promote national security by caring about economic security and by changing our foreign policy.

If you want to do something that matters, then get off line sometime. Go and volunteer. And if writing truly is your thing, put your smarts to work by writing letters to your local paper that are aimed at helping elect someone who will change the course of this country -- unless you think things are really going well under Republican rule and that the sorts of folks I've written about don't deserve a change.

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My Baby's Sick, and I have no Health Insurance

It's easy for the issues in this election to feel somewhat distant, or only important in a rhetorical way. When someone talks about having friends or family in Iraq, it's easy to miss the scope of such feelings, since that burden is shared by so few in our society. Likewise, with issues ranging from abortion to illegal immigration to social security reform... to universal healthcare.

I must confess, I was among those who took a very distant look at a lot of those issues. From when I first become politically conscious, through being a Republican, and until somewhat recently, I was more concerned about the here and now of my own life- and none of those issues impacted me directly.

It's funny how things change.

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McCain Doesn't

Obama wants to get our troops home from Iraq...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants affordable healthcare for everyone...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to keep a woman's right to choose as law...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to improve medical care and educational opportunities for our veterans...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to improve our educational system...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to pay our teachers more...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants equal pay for men and women...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to tax the weatlhiest among us and give tax breaks to the middle class...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to create a foreclosure fund for those losing their homes...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to save our environment...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to protect Social Security...McCain doesn't.

Obama supports the GLBT community and their right to Civil Unions that give same-sex couples equal legal rights and privileges as married couples...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to make college more affordable...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to provide all children with Pre-K schooling...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to provide all-children with more positive social activities and funding for new facilities...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to keep our young men, young women and future men and women out of war...McCain doesn't.

Obama wants to end George Bush's hideous term at 8 years...McCain doesn't.

Clear enough?

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