In past histories of elected candidates, is there a summary of
their pre-election promises, and there performances in keeping those promises?  Why do we not use that as information, when considering the future elections?  Must we continue to solidly support Democrats or Republicans when we see that our nations's finances are in ruination?  Sooo...we lose a vote if casting one for an Independant, but we do show that our current ruling body is not satisfactory!!

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we need Statesman not Cheerleaders

This has been cross posted on Political Cortex, but I feel it is an important issue and needs to be "seen" and chewed over.

My name is Mike Bailey, I am an advocate for veterans of America's Cold War test programs that have been ignored by this nation since the existence of the experiments became public in 1975 with the release of the DA IG report on human experimentation. /378.html, this IOM report shows that in March 2003 they found that 40% of the men are dead 2098 and that of the survivors 4022 men that 54% of them or 2200 men are disabled for a total of 74.43%. The other programs have unknown statistics, and we need help now, 31 years is enough.

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Hey Americans, we need to stick together!

Bloggers and Others;

"Let's try, for just one brief second, to forget we're either Republicans or Democrats, or what have you! Let's just agree that we're all loyal and patriotic citizens of this great land. That means, we're all agreed, we all love our country and we're  proud to be Americans"

Remember, like one, we're all in the same boat and after you boil it all down, we're all looking for the same things. For starters, we all want simple honesty from our politicians. That shouldn't be too much to expect!  We just want our people in Washington who make our laws to do their job. They're supposed to be working for us and for nobody else, 24/7!  Whenever they fail us, then it's time to make a change. That's the whole essence of our democratic society and the freedoms and liberty we enjoy!   Descriptions like left or right, liberal or conservatives or moderates you name it - they don't mean a thing and only confuse and upset good people and get them off track.

We have pressing problems in our country that really need attention!

  #1  Over 45 million Americans live in poverty in this country and something should be done  about it without having to argue whose Republican or Democrat, or whose right or wrong!
   #2  Over 35 million Americans don't have any health insurance coverage and something should  be done about it  and no need to  point a finger at anyone.
   #3  We're pouring billions of dollars into a far-off country while we neglect our own needs in this country.
   #4  We don't take heed of global warming even though we don't need to be a nuclear physicist and can plainly see how fast the Arctic and Antarctic ice fields are disappearing, that have been around for thousands of years.
   #5  We see good paying jobs disappear that paid 12-15-18-20 dollars an hour. That hurts when you're raising a family while paying for a mortgage. And the best you can do is to get a job at minimum wages, if you're lucky to find one.

What do you do when you see your own kids going to bed at night hungry, or when there's not enough money to buy the kids a Christmas present?
All the bull about politics doesn't matter to a person if he is going to lose his house and maybe even destroy his family because "there ain't no one minding the store."

Poor Ben

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This diary was deleted as we all bow down and worship at the alter of the DC Democrats who are so wise.

Democrats on the issues?

So I'm bitching to a GOPper about how you can't trust a thing out of Bush's mouth vis a vis the 75% middle east oil cut not being 'literal.'

He replyed:  but what about the Democrats?  What do they stand for?  Where and what are their plans?

He claims that Democrats stand for "Taxes, same-sex marriage, abortion, outsourcing defense to the UN or France, no oil exploration in Alaska"

I know these are misguided points meant to muddy the waters.  I also know that some bloggers figure specific policy initiatives are/were not needed from the left, as we had no way to implement them.  But with primary campaign battles underway, and general elections nine months away, how do we now answer these questions?

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