Obama unveils plan for Strengthening Families in a New Economy

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On Friday Barack Obama spoke in Spartanburg, SC about his plan to make it easier for parents to raise healthy families.  The speech was given in recognition of Father's Day (this Sunday), but the struggles it addresses  - and the solutions he proposes - are relevant to anyone involved in raising a child.  

I think this is very important, the James Dobson's of the world think they are "focusing on the family" but hate is not a family value and I think  Obama has created out a great alternative plan to the current right wing "family" people. Like Newtie Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani, who have had 3 wives. I think it's been something we on the left have stayed away from, just like Edwards taking on the GWOT, terrorism and real national security.

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Fight Night

Well shoot, had to come up with a title. Got your attention didn't I.

I just got off the phone with an in-law, he is in banking. And an avid Republican.

As usual our conversation came around to business and how he thinks that all Democrats are "pinko" anti-business and liberal media types.

That man has no concept of what he is saying, he is parroting Dubya and his gang.

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Faux Populism on the Rise

    Since the Congressional Election, a caucus of Democrats has been ascending; the Faux Populists. These are Democrats who, although they support some noble causes (higher minimum wage, single payer healthcare), they also have the intractible need to demand protectionism and use escalation rhetoric which is reminiscent of the late 80's, when everyone could have sworn to you on their lucky charm that Japan was going to crush America's exporters, flatten Wall Street like Germany's invasion of Poland, enslave us, etc. Boy, they were sure right, uh? Japan went through over a decade of recession, and even now is not on a great footing. Now we have these same people, who got it so wrong before, off on another crusade, this time having convinced themselves (and hopefuly no one else), that China and India are our new adversaries in the trade wars, and that we need to protect American jobs and industry like a national treasure, while saying that we are really for environmental protections and better wages in these other countries.

   Now, if you were to tell someone that, because of the color of their skin, they could not get a job, would that not be racist? Well, if you were to tell someone that, because of their nationality, the country they lived in, they should not get a job, is that not also morally and ethically wrong? Well, this is exactly what these Faux Populists are advocating, while cloaking themselves in the rhetoric of "Progressive Values". Seriously, can someone call the adults in Congress (if there are any), and get them to restrain these folks? We have just lost a trade agreement with Vietnam, which would have been great for the trade of our two countries and good diplomatically as well (if countries trade a lot with each other, then they will be less likely to go to war).

   If people are going to talk about working class and middle class problems, talk about the median income and productivity decoupling from each other, unions in the service sector, etc. But don't run around saying you are for protectionism and barriers to trade, etc. Otherwise, you will get your wish, meaning stagflation, basically. So, lets get back to real politics, and stop the politicians playing with matches and bombs we call protectionism.

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Why Are People Really Supporting Lamont?

I'm going to be totally honest here as someone who really  hasn't followed all of this much, frankly because I think it has reached the point of overkill. I just have a question I have to get off my chest, because this campaign reminds me of the "ABB" campaign of 2004...

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