Trust on the Issues, and Colbert as a Third Party Candidate

It's not just about likability and electability. It's about the issues and who the electorate trusts most on the issues. As of today, Democrats are trusted most of almost every key issue, but do we need to do better?

There's more... is Live! A Great Political Resource!

Check out VoteGopher, one of the best political sites I have seen in awhile.  Entirely done by students and non-partisan, this site has position summaries for every candidate and issue imaginable, is  very accurate, and has a great theme!

There's more... is Live! A Great Political Resource! If you would like to see an entirely student-created, non-partisan website dedicated to discussing what really matters in the '08 election, the issues, then check out This site was created by Harvard students and is a tremendous resource for understanding the issues in the '08 Presidential election.  You can post videos, post on the discussion board for issues and candidates, submit quotes, and edit the editors' position summaries.  Also, it provides equal space for all candidates in the '08 election. is one of the most thorough and understandable political websites I have seen. I think that everyone at MyDD, in the spirit of direct democracy and understanding this election, will really appreciate this site.  It also has a great theme that you will enjoy!

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The Argument for Universal Healthcare and Hillary's Plan

Statistics are the best argument for understanding why the United States needs to improve our healthcare system. If we continue down the path that we're on, healthcare will simply become unsustainable.

According to a Kaiser Permanente Foundation study, healthcare premiums in the U.S. have risen 78% since 2001. Drug costs are increasing at a rate of 8% a year, the number of uninsured Americans rose from 44 million to 47 million in one year (a 7% increase) and the number of uninsured children increased 12% in one year.

For those Americans that are insured through their employers, many companies are passing the higher premium costs back to their employees, or choosing not to offer healthcare insurance at all.  Other costs such as co-payments, deductables and perscription drug costs are all increasing at a rate much higher than inflation and wages.

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The truth isn't a smear

Lately, I have been reading words like "right wing smear" in a context that frankly adds little value other than a misuse of a phrase.

As used here, it would render the phrase "rightwing smear" practically useless because it doesn't take into account veracity, misdirection or prejudice due to the weight of the issue being raised versus actual impact. And fo the two others- I would say with misdirection you need to be able to prove its a misdirection and of the prejudice it can't merely be a matter of your candidate looks bad, but instead its meant to make ALL DEMOCRATS look bad. Ethics in DC is  real issue. It doesn't matter if the GOP is worse here. It matters that we are trying to convince  the public that we aren't just marginally better, but actually better so they will vote for us for a generation.

Often times enough the logic, or lack there of, goes something like this: Rush Limbaugh says X. Because Rush Limbaugh is a vile rightwing nutzoid it's clear he's using X as a smear about ALL DEMOCRATS.  X however actually is true of Democrat Z. Democrat P uses that bit of truthful of information to differentiate himself from Democrat Z by saying I am not like Democrat Z. The argument here goes "well Democrat P is engaging in a right wing smear." Or worse yet, he's saying something against ALL DEMOCRATS.

Uh- no. The veracity of information isn't determined by whether Rush used that information or not. It certainly can not be off bounds or else we are limited in our conversations to those things that are  relevant and also never having ever been uttered by the right. See, the truth isn't a smear. You may not  want to hear that, but it isn't. It may have come from the rightwinger, but that's no excuse to pretend its a smear merely because of that reason. If that were true, then we aren't reality based at all.

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