Fight Back! Post-Debate Call to Obamaction


Tonight we saw one of the biggest "gotcha politics" debates yet. The moderators seemed set on destroying Obama by using trivial matters to play "gotcha!" Tonight we also saw why Barack Obama is the right canidate for president. Tonight he showed why he is the right canidate to take on John McCain and the right canidate to turn around our country. Because he fought back by talking about what Americans care about. The issues.

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It's The Action, Stupid.


It's the economy, stupid. That was the famous banner in Bill Clinton's Little Rock War Room.

Once again the economy is a major issue. So is Iraq. So is health care. So are a whole host of other issues.

But issues only matter if they can be communicated to the American people. And you can't get any kind of message across unless you have campaign funds, unless you have dedicated volunteers that pick up the phone and call voters, that go door to door and do all the other work that needs to be done.

Polls have zero effect on the election. Daily up and downs have almost no effect on the election.

Frankly if you want Barack Obama to win the only thing that matters is action. In other words. It's the action, stupid.

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As of 10:09 CT that is how many people have donated to Obama for America.

14,265,507 American citizens have voted Barack Obama for president and many more will.

Back on that cold day, February 10th. Who would have thought that?

Not a whole lot of people. But a army of millions of people worked there tail off and focused on the goal. And that is how we have come so far.

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Choosing to be inspired, a candidate's wife and a grassroots campaign

That's right, I'm a candidate's wife, it happened rather quickly too.  Well, I've been married to the guy for almost ten years, but the candidate part has unfolded in just a few days.

Now, why am I not the candidate?  Oh, it's a long story and I've not been as good of a Democrat as my husband has been, really.  I am still registered as Decline to State.  Yes, how is that for a confession?  But Gary, my husband, has been registered as a Democrat for many years and he unabashedly calls himself a party loyalist.

So how did this come about?  Let me tell you...

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Hillary's Donors

As an ardent Hillary supporter, I was a bit worried when I heard about her money woes on Wednesday. But then, on Thursday, while waiting in line to board my flight at La Guardia Airport, I overheard a conversation between three airline employees, two of whom were women [for simplicity's sake, let's call them Jane and Jenny], the other, a man [let's call him Jack]. The conversation went something like this:

Jack to Jane [in a menacing tone]: I told you to do so and so...why haven't you done it yet?

Jenny: Jack, you can't talk to her like that.

Jack: I can talk to her any way I want to.

Jenny: No you can't. I'll stick Hillary on you.

Jack: Yeah, well good luck with that. Hillary has no more money.

Jenny: Not if I can help it. I'm gonna donate $10 when I get home tonight.

Jane: Yeah, me too.

The line then began to move. I smiled to myself and boarded the plane. Hillary will be fine. Sure enough, when I got home, and surveyed the headlines, I was greeted with the news that the campaign had raised over $6 million in 72 hours.  I'm sure Jane and Jenny would be proud. They helped make it happen.

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