OH-16: Small Donors Back Record-Breaking Boccieri Quarter

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Schuring Bought by Big Oil, Corporate Executives that Slash 16th District Jobs

Canton, OH - 16th Congressional District Candidate John Boccieri raised $391,237.61 in the second fundraising quarter of 2008, bringing his total raised this cycle to $1,081,509.40 and his current cash on hand to $531,015.15.

Boccieri has a broad base of small donors. More than half of his contributions this quarter were $100 or less, and three in five of those small donations came from within the 16th District.

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Ready...Set...Walk - A Candidate's diary

This is a cross post of a candidate diary at SquareState diary

By Anna Lord

The Anna Lord for House District 21 campaign began our 2008 walking campaign this weekend.

In 2006 my walk plan was to knock on the doors of Dems, unaffiliated voters and  households with a Republican woman under 50.  I wore a pedometer when I walked in 2006 and logged 115 miles before I lost it in October.

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Politics of Hope or Control?

Today, David Brock announced what is essentially the death of Progressive Media USA:

"Progressive Media will not be running an independent ad campaign this year," David Brock, the head of the organization, confirmed in a statement obtained by The Fix this morning.

"Progressive Media was established to be an independent on-going progressive issue advocacy organization," Brock added. "We were not established for one issue, one candidate or one election cycle. But donors and potential donors are getting clear signals from the Obama camp through the news media and we recognize that reality."

This is creepy because of the apparent cause.  During a meeting in early May, Obama's finance chair told big donors flat out not to support independent groups.  


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Keep Fighting. Yes. We. Can.


The results are still trickling in from Pennsylvania. The people have voted. We can't change how they voted.

But what we can do is keep fighting.

We still have Guam, Indiana, North Carolina, West Virgina, Kentucky, Oregon, Puerto Rico, South Dakota and Montana. All of them still need to vote and we still need to be working hard to win.

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Fight Back! Call to Obamaction: Day 2


Last night I posted a call to action after one of the most unfair and uninformative debates ever. It got a overwhelming response and tons of donations poured in. But we can't just do that for one night. We have primaries to win still and we need to keep the focus on action up. We still need to be taking action. Calling voters in PA. Traveling to PA for GOTV. Donating to the campaign so they have the resources to win. Doing whatever you can. And so I bring you the third day of Obama Action Week.

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