MN-Sen: Approaches $100,000 and Coleman Gets the Message, the effort to provide Republicans funding Norm Coleman's endless legal appeals with disincentive from continuing that funding, is about to reach the $100,000 threshold!  For those unfamiliar with, basically, anybody who wants to see Coleman finally admit defeat and allow Minnesota to once again have two U.S. Senators can pledge $1 for every day that Coleman prolongs his legal challenges.

To show appreciation for helping progressives raise tens of thousands of dollars that will be used to defeat Republicans in 2010, representatives of the effort caught up with Coleman to personally thank him and to get his signature on the check representing the tens of thousands of dollars that Coleman's own obstinance has raised for progressives.  You can help the effort cross the $100,000 mark by visiting and chipping in.  Just one dollar a day to make Norm Coleman go away!

For daily news and updates on the U.S. Senate races around the country, regularly read Senate Guru.

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Moran with the grassroots, McAuliffe with Wall Street...

T-Mac is at it again! On Inauguration night, Terry went fishing for the big bucks with Martha Stewart and other darlings of Wall Street. He also had plenty of time to spend with Ariana Huffington and the Hollywood A-List crowd, as well.  Of course, the netroots is keeping watch over this, which Mcauliffe seems oblivious about  - check out the coverage at Kos

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The People's Agenda in Washington

Just arrived at the Washington Hilton in DC for Realizing The Promise:  A Forum on Community, Faith & Democracy.  More than 2000 community organizers and leaders from across the country are here to talk with our elected officials including 2 senior members of Obama's transition team. st

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Why is David Plouffe still sending emails?

If you ever need a quick downer, go over to OpenLeft and read something by David Sirota.  I tend to agree with a lot of what he says, mostly because I'm a pessimist by nature.  Sirota ain't happy with Obama these days.  His team of rival (singular) essentially pits the progressive image of Obama versus the center-right D.C. establishment.  

In this narrative, Progressives have been played somewhat by ponying up precious time and money to get Obama in office only to find out that he's a re-run of the triangulation and lukewarm centrism that is both unsavory and unnecessary at this time.  The counter-argument is that Obama is so overwhelmingly in control that his center-right team will actually help him hone his thoughts and skills to the point that mere mortals will shutter at his deft center-leftitude.

I'm not terribly comfortable with either narrative, but I do find surprising solace in the daily emails I still receive from David Plouffe.  There is apparently a coordinated effort to continue online fundraising and drawing Progressives into the fold.  Obama's team is urging us to get together to share our thoughts for the future and actually organizing Progressive causes into some sort of lasting force.  I find this interesting.

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Obama's Amazing Ground Game in Ohio

These numbers, caught a few days ago by Marc Ambinder, are just stunning:

In the ABC News / Washington Post poll of Ohio, 37% of those who made it through the likely voter screen said they had been contacted by the Obama campaign in some way or another. That's ten points higher than the number who say they've been contacted by the McCain campaign.

And adding in e-mails or texts, the Obama figure rises to 43% of voters -- probably a record for a presidential campaign.

Think about this number for a moment. About three in eight voters deemed likely to show up to the polls in Ohio on November 4 have been contacted by the Obama campaign. Considering that hardcore Republicans -- say 40 percent or so of the electorate -- is out of play for Obama, that means that upwards of 72 percent of likely voters who could even conceivably vote for Barack Obama have heard from his campaign, whether through a knock on the door, a piece of direct mail delivered to the house, a call on the phone, a text to the cell, or an email sent to the computer. All of this, of course, about a month away from election day.

The ground game metrics may not come through in the top like numbers from polling around the country, but when it comes to election day -- when it actually counts -- the team with the far superior GOTV organization generally is able to pull out the victory. How exactly these efforts can and will swing the numbers, both nationally and in the key states, remains to be seen, but I would be very surprised if this seeming organizational divide between the two campaigns isn't apparent in the ultimate results of the election.

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