Hillary is NOW Damaging Feminism

It is time that feminists who have supported Clinton for the right reasons step up to the plate and criticize her for unacceptable remarks and practices. The women's movement has been deeply divided over the Clinton candidacy. Yet what started out as a legitimate disagreement about the merits of the candidates and their agendas has turned into a test of one's feminist credentials. But the test is perverse. It is not a test of feminist principles and values. It has become a test of loyalty to Clinton, in spite of the fact that she is undermining basic feminist values.

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Black History: Emancipation

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Hillary and Feminism

This diary is a gift to the women of mydd.   There's not much to it, other than pointers to an article and a quote of someone else's post.  By way of introduction I'm a guy who was raised by a strong woman and a rather feminine man and so maybe my values are on backward.  But I truly believe that the worth of a human being transcends those outer characteristics that dominate our first impressions: their color, their gender, their height, their handsomeness, whether their ears stick our or they have acne on their faces, their regional accent, their mannerisms.  

Brains, insight, and intuition come from deep inside and from experience, and sometimes the softest voice is the smartest one.  

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Taking the High Road

Suzanne Pharr is an organizer, political strategist, founder of the Women's Project in Arkansas, co-founder of Southerners on New Ground, and ardent feminist.

I am currently majoring in Human and Family Development Studies with a concentration on Women's Studies (I hope to become a Social Worker) and discovered Suzanne through a Women's Studies course I took a few semesters ago.  She has since become a woman I deeply admire.

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Theme Song for Feminist Strikers Everywhere

Well, i thought this song was an effective theme song for any feminists anywhere on strike against misogyny, exploitation, and sexist bullshit anywhere.

This is possibly the greatest song ever recorded, the Pretenders "Pack It Up." It is an ode to leaving scungy male environments where women are treated as objects only to be seen and not heard.

While i am an Obama who seriously distrusts Hillary Clinton, i agree that some of the attacks on her and her supporters have gone FAR past any reasonable differences or political attacks, and over the edge into straight-out woman-hate.

And that ain't good for anybody. So whenever you find yourself in a situation where you aren't being respected (male or female), it is time to Pack It Up.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZYWwQQhD k0&feature=related

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(for the first time on any website, i am going to beg for Recs, so as many people will hear these awesome empowering lyrics as possible.)

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