Netroots Nation: Pretty Bird Woman House - Don't Miss It!

Remember Pretty Bird Woman House(PBWH)? The Lakota Sioux women's shelter the progressive netroots raised $87,000 to buy them a new house when their old one was destroyed by arson? Many of you expressed an admiration for PBWH Director, Georgia LittleShield - a woman who had managed PBWH through threats of closure due to lack of funds, burglary, threats of violence and even arson. She faces down rapists in court, convinces hostile police to enforce domestic violence laws, literally enters homes to rescue battered women.

Georgia LittleShield is coming to Netroots Nation to tell you about life is like for women and children on an Indian reservation in one of the poorest parts of the country. She's here to tell you how you - the netroots - can help change things. And Georgia isn't coming alone. She's bringing her posse.

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Sexism and the Media, 2008

Here it is, the most articulate delineation of "Sexism in the Media" I've seen so far (as it relates to 2008, of course).  Check out Michelle Goldberg's piece from The New Republic after the jump.

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Why This Feminist Will Support Obama

Although I reside in a body controlled by both x and y chromosomes, and I obviously possess male genitalia, in my adult life I have always considered myself in solidarity with feminists and feminist ideals. I have chosen a profession in which women outnumber men by huge proportions- I'm not just a teacher, but a special education teacher. I am one of those men who has deep and genuine friendships with females as well as males. I feel that I can accurately identify sexism or misogyny when I see them and I am repulsed by both. I could go on, but hopefully you get the point.

I am hoping that if I take the time to spell out my process for deciding to support Obama for president, I may be able to help reduce the tendency of those who have opposed Obama's nomination to simplify their characterizations of Obama supporters as X-label, or y-label. I have become alarmed at how the incidents of sexism, especially in the media, have turned off so many Clinton supporters to the point that they may actually be willing to support McCain over the Democratic nominee.

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Veepness Stakes: Please no Webb, DINOs

In spite of the fact that sexism has been such a prominent dynamic in this campaign, the thrust of much mainstream public conversation is that Obama should pick a Republican or conservative Democrat to balance the ticket. Even when we're talking about Democrats, that almost always means someone willing to occasionally defenestrate women's rights or health. I don't want to get started on what a slap the anti-choice Chuck Hagel (R-NE) would be, but Jim Webb wouldn't be much better.

And while all and sundry Obama supporters bask in the joy of his ascendant, dudely vibe, it's becoming readily apparent that feelings are raw beyond all civility, even if people are probably going to unify. The Democratic Party is very popular right now, yet while the nomination might be in the bag, the general election isn't, and Democrats should have learned about the consequences of giving the finger to large constituencies during the NAFTA fight. Remember, the clusterfrak that took the wind out of the sails of the other Clinton's presidency?

Any discussion about the selection of the vice presidency can't be held in a vacuum as if the primary hadn't happened, infighting and all. Some caveats, though ... There are a lot of legitimate reasons a person might have had to support someone besides Hillary Clinton for the nomination. They were both good candidates, there's no cause to make assumptions without evidence about why anyone in particular supported one of them.

The only major demographic group still supporting Clinton to the tune of 51% or more is women aged 50 and older. This group's preferences have changed little during May, at the same time that Clinton's support among younger men (those 18 to 49) has declined by nearly 10 points. - Gallup

... Pundits debated whether Clinton's tears were "real" or "manufactured" -- that is, whether she was some weak sob sister who couldn't hack the rough-and-tumble of a man's world, or just a power-grabbing witch who would do anything to hang on to her broomstick.

A few, such as San Francisco Chronicle reporter Carla Marinucci, offered more cogent appraisals. She pointed out that female voters didn't seem to be responding to Clinton's tears so much as to their outrage at men's reactions to those tears (in particular, men in the media). ... - Susan Faludi

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NOW is the Time to Press Obama on Feminist Issues

All over the country, pundits, politicians, and probably even Barack Obama himself are asking the same question:

What do Hillary Clinton supporters want?

Now is the time to contact the Obama campaign or surrogates directly and give them the answer to that question.

Of course the Clinton supporters will have to decide how to answer that question, and for many the only answer will have to do with giving Clinton the veep spot or another high level post. but i would respectfully suggest that it is time to move beyond support for a single candidate and ask Obama to address ALL feminist issues.

And there will NEVER be a better time to do it than right now.

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