Even wingnuts are tired of anti-Hillary misogyny

(Originally posted on The Bilerico Project by Bil Browning)

I'm not the biggest fan of Hillary Clinton.  Do I think she'll end up the Democratic candidate?  Yeah.  Will I support her if she does?  Hell yeah.  But am I excited about the possibility of Hillary as Prez?  Let's just say I'm about as excited over the idea as I was over a Kerry presidency - better than what we have but not particularly exciting.

I have to admit, however, that some of the sexism that has been directed Hillary's way is really starting to piss me off.  You don't have to look very far to find blatant examples - check just about any mass media story.  In fact, you know things are going a little too far when even the wingnuts are starting to tire of the same sexist drivel.

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Man-Loving Mitt (and Other Republicans)

ALL THE MAN-LOVE MONEY CAN BUY: Digby at Hullabaloo is a terrific blogger who's unfortunately confused about all the man-love that mainstream political journalists show the Republicans. According to Digby,

I honestly don't know what to make of all these men in the political establishment who insist on using their mancrushes as some sort of guideline for who is and is not "presidential."

Where Digby errs is in thinking that it's a largely heterosexual world with between 3-8% of the population being gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or trans-sexual. It's a big mistake because it leaves out all the the men whose are erotically oriented toward other men even though they have sex with, get married to, and otherwise consort with women. The homoeroticism is all around. It's in the pornography (shared with other guys when its not autoerotic), trips to strip clubs (also shared with other guys), chest-bumping, butt slapping, "I love you man" testimonials, gaming networks, sports obsessions, workout addictions, poker marathons, nights out with "the boys," NBA players measuring each other's penises, and the like. When I asked a class how many guys had sex with women primarily so they could tell their guy friends, one male student answered something to effect of "100% of American males." A guy in another class referred to dating women as "gay."

Seen in this light, traditional masculinity is not just male about domination, it's about the domination of male-homoeroticism in most spheres of life outside the home. This reveals another dimension of the threat posed by second-wave feminism beginning in the seventies. Feminism wasn't just about female equality as feminists intended; it was about breaking the nexus of male-male relationships by integrating women into workplaces, traditionally male fields of study, and male preserves like sports. As a result of feminism, the spectre of heterosexual living has been haunting America.

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The Link Between War, Terrorism, and Intimate Violence

Most leaders and the press view violence against women and children as just "a women's issue" or "a children's issue" - in their minds, a secondary issue. But it's not only that millions of women and children are victims of violence in their homes every year; the fact is that intimate violence provides a basic model for using force to impose one's will on others.

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Blog Against Sexism Day 2007 - Highlights

Anyone seen any excellent posts in honor of Blog Against Sexism Day (aka International Women's Day)?    The point is for blogs that are not normally focused on feminist issues to spend one day attending to women, sexism, and gender issues.  Haven't seen anything yet on Kos and MyDD so here goes.

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The Stained Glass Ceiling: Rankism in Action

I just read the NYT article about the stained glass ceiling for women in the church, and I was especially struck by this comment:

...in the marketplace of ideas and values, men matter most and...by definition, women have to take a back seat...

Why do men matter most in the marketplace of ideas?

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