Not a true "diary" per se, but...

When I get sent an anonymous message telling me I am using strong language...who do I respond to, in order to tell them to go stuff themselves?


Just wondering.

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I Hope Hillary's (Errant) Bundlers Get a Clue

Yep.  $52 million.  Wow.

I want to be clear here.  A good number of Senator Clinton's top donors have been helping, and I appreciate what they're doing.  We have a race to win and they're doing their part.  Also, nobody is forced to give money and if somebody really doesn't want to give to Senator Obama's campaign I completely respect that.  I ain't kidding, either.  Donations are personal, and they signify a strong belief in a candidate or his/her views.

All that being said, I hope Hillary's Bundlers Get a Clue!

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This I Just Don't Get

Howdy folks!

I want to start by saying that I am in no way dissing Senator Clinton in this diary.  That's not my intent, and nothing I'm going to write serves that purpose.  This is limited to the central issue I will outline.

Why do some folks insist that if it isn't Hillary it cannot be some other woman?  I get the impression that some folks, female and male, think that in the hypothetical that Obama picks another woman, his reasoning will have had to have been "Well, this ought to shut 'em up" or some other such absurdity.  So let's think this one through....

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A Theory

I'd like to use this diary to advance a theory, one that I've become more and more convinced of as this primary season has turned:

No Democratic African-American can win the Whitehouse until the Civil Rights Generation is dead.

Now, I know this is going to seem controversial and downright offensive to some, but hear me out; if the normal resentments of African-Americans who lived through the civil rights movement are seen as anti-white racism, a belief that appears to be prevalent even in supposedly progressive forums such as this, then until the people who have flesh and blood ties to those resentments (justified though they may be) are in the ground, no African-American can run without either cutting off the Black Community (see; what Powell or Rice would have had to do) or being tied to it to his or her detriment.  Given the fact that African-Americans are the most loyal and crucial voting block for Democrats, such diassociation is impossible for an up-and-coming African-American Dem, only in the GOP would the necessary distance be an achievable goal (see: Watts).  

If one accepts my premise (and please provide some counter-examples I would love to be wrong, please show me an African-American Dem who has been elected to high office and could not be tarred in a manor, similar if not equal to Obama- Patterson ties into Harlem, and Ford into Memphis both are scions of long holding clans, Booker is a product of a machine that makes Chicago look clean), then one is left with confirmation of my thesis, and the question of what we can do to change these apparent facts on the ground, before I give my response please understand that this is not a recommendation that I take pleasure in giving.

** African-Americans need to vote for the GOP**
This sounds insane I realize, but there's a reason that Reagan Dems are getting all this respect- parties don't like loyalty, loyalty gets you nothing, to be given real respect they need to fear you, and nothing would give African Americans more power than to vote as a Block for John McCain this year-- you think the Media wants to pander to Reagan Dems, watch how hard the GOP tries to actually keep your vote, heck you don't even need to do a thought experiment look at latino's Bush was willing to chuck his base under a bus in a heartbeat just in order to maintain rough parity in latino votes, his most loyal peeps called him "Jorge Bush" and nicknamed the GOP Nominee "Juan McCain" (note: I said the nominee, see the GOP base couldn't deliver, and so they were willing to piss them off, the Democratic Party right now treats African-Americans the same way, they don't think they'll do anyhting so who cares if the consistently piss them off).

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Liveblogging the MyDD caucus

I am at the MyDD caucus right now, consider this a live blog!
(let's see if I can keep up)

Jerome is talking about the beginnings of Mydd... giving history and such.

The only reason he wanted to blog again is if he could do it with other people.

Now he's talking about how he met Chris Bowers...

ok got drunk with the whole idea of posting on the open thread.
Chris now:

WE MUST HAVE MORE POLL ANALYSIS!! this is now going into extended entry...

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