Chris Rock: I'll Pay Higher Taxes

Actor and comedian Chris Rock is willing to pay higher taxes. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur break it down on The Young Turks.


OK OBama defend this video

OK.. although this race issue is a non-issue, since Obama campaign and media is making that big a deal about defending what people who introduce her do, here is chris rock's video asking african americans not to vote for white woman. go defend that obama.. you made it both a racist and sexist issue. defend that now..

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Where Was the Environmental Movement at Live Earth?

We have so much to be excited about Live Earth - above all, it brought the message of a climate in crisis to more than 2 billion people worldwide - and that's something that even Ann Curry's excruciatingly stupid interviews with Al Gore and Michael Bloomberg couldn't stop.

Thanks to Al Gore, Alicia Keys, and Madonna, there are many more people today who know that the planet is in danger than yesterday, and know there are simple things they can do about it: change their lightbulbs, "stop driving so many big-ass cars" (Chris Rock), and even tell our political leaders to take action.  

The world is a vastly better place for it.

But there was one big thing missing from the concerts: the environmental movement.

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