Hillary's Maggie Thatcher Imperative

i'm a single-issue voter (right now).  to some extent, it's the war, but what it really is about is reversing the immoral bush doctrine that encourages pre-emptive strikes on those countries with whom we disagree.

so you can understand my concern about hillary's defense of the presidential prerogative and her unwillingness to reverse the bush doctrine.  after all, it's not that different from the policy of her husband's administration -- although the united states was held in much higher esteem than it is today.  but for me, it's not just about (dis)trusting the person, it's about distrusting the policy.

hillary's fear is that, as a woman in a man's world, she will be perceived as weak.  hillary's fear of being seen as weak is the reason that she refuses to apologize for voting to invade iraq without just cause.  her fear of being seen as weak is probably one reason why she voted to invade iraq in the first place.  she has, and undoubtedly will continue to, overcompensate because she doesn't want anyone thinking that she is (or will be) weak.

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Macdubya: A Tragedy

Scene I:  Baghdad, 1991.

This dark, grim tragedy begins with Three Witches dancing in the streets of Baghdad.

Missiles, explosions, and screams paint a gloomy picture, setting the tone of this play.  As the "fireworks" fade, the witches agree to meet again at the turn of the century.  They straddle cruise missiles that look decidedly phallic and fly off.

Nine years later, the plot thickens...

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