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Full Disclosure: I am proud to work at ActBlue.

Are you ready to to take back the White House?  I know I am. 

At the moment we don't know who the Democratic nominee will be.  What we do know is that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have inspired voters across the nation.  We also know that no matter who the nominee is they're going to need a sizable war chest to defeat the McCain machine.

I'm ready to start fighting now.  And ActBlue has a way to do that: the Presumptive Democratic Nominee fund for President.  Contributions will be forwarded to the Democratic nominee as soon as he or she has secured the nomination.

Political Director Erin Hill just sent an email out to ActBlue users explaining more.  Below is an excerpt from that email.  Emphasis mine.

The Republicans have their nominee. Time and time again, this is where
Democrats are most vulnerable: we take months to select a nominee, and
we fight divided against a unified Republican voice.

The hardest, the biggest, the most important fight right now is the fight for the White House.

We need everyone to start working on building a war chest for
the Democratic Nominee. That's why we've created a way for you to help
our nominee even before he or she is chosen. ge/startfightingnow

Donate today to help our candidate hit the ground running.

Are you ready to start fighting now?  Below the fold are some steps you can take.

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FEC Rules Against Edwards In ActBlue Case

From Adam B at dailyKos:

By a vote of 4-1, the FEC this afternoon voted to approve its draft advisory opinion denying John Edwards for President's ability to seek matching funds for contributions made via ActBlue.

The John Edwards campaign responds:

"Although today's decision by the FEC is a setback to the progressive grassroots movement, our campaign has all of the resources it needs to aggressively make our case to voters. Even without the ActBlue contributions included, we will meet our projected $10 million in matching funds."

Thanks to commissioner Ellen Weintraub for her efforts in this. Her vote was the lone voice of dissent with the other two Democrats on the committee joining with the Republicans in imposing the most literal reading of the law based on an outdated model of political contributions.

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FEC Considers Alternate ActBlue Ruling

After the public had an opportunity to comment on the prior FEC draft advisory ruling on the question of whether John Edwards's ActBlue contributions should be eligible for federal matching funds (the prior draft ruling found No,) FEC commissioner Ellen Weintraub has submitted an alternate draft (pdf), which would find in favor of Edwards.

The Commission concludes that credit card contributions made over the Internet by individuals using ActBlue's website and subsequently forwarded to the Committee by ActBlue may be eligible for matching funds under the Matching Payment Act and Commission regulations.

As I said yesterday, no matter whom you support for president, such a ruling would be a victory. It's currently being debated by the FEC.

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Send Comments To FEC By Noon EST

If you are concerned about the Federal Election Commission's pending decision on whether small donor contributions should be counted toward public financing (the issue is pertinent to the John Edwards campaign, but you don't have to support Edwards to be concerned about the integrity of the public financing system and ActBlue's rightful role in that,) the public comment period ends today at 12pm EST.

Some background from Ben Smith at The Politico:

In a draft opinion that the Federal Election Commission is set to consider Friday, the FEC staff says that contributions to Edwards through the innovative fundraising site ActBlue aren't matchable under campaign finance law.

$4.3 million in contributions to Edwards were at risk of not being eligible for matching.

Adam B breaks down the FEC's reasoning:

So here's the problem -- as you know by now, not everything is matchable.  The main category is "contributions over $250", but also listed in the regulations regarding the list of sources for funds that can be matched is the explicit statement that for a check to be matchable, it must be "written on a personal, escrow or trust account representing or containing the contributor's personal funds." And, what's worse, listed among those sources of funds which are explicitly not-matchable are

Contributions in the form of a check drawn on the account of a committee, corporation, union or government contractor even though the funds represent personal funds earmarked by a contributing individual to a Presidential candidate;

And ActBlue is, indeed, a committee that's writing checks which represent personal funds earmarked by a contributing individual to a Presidential candidate.

This interpretation of the law is literalistic and not in keeping with the spirit of the law at all, so if you would like to send the FEC a message, do so before 12pm EST today.

You can send your comments to FEC Secretary Mary Dove via e-mail to, via fax to (202) 208-3333 or through the Edwards campaign web tool. Adam B posted his letter to the FEC over at dailyKos and invites us to crib from it.

You can check out other people's comments to the FEC HERE.

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FEC trying to cripple ActBlue, John Edwards!

Kos has a post up about this based on a story from The Politico.

Here is the link: 2/10/14659/857/782/420274

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