Please Help Me Turn Tahoe Blue!

It's illegal for me to contribute, it's logistically impossible for me to volunteer since I'm not a citizen and don't live in the US. So I was a little bit in a quagmire because I really wanted to help turn things around and get Democrats back in power.

So, I thought what I could do instead. One month ago I started my own blog called Turn Tahoe Blue which has the aim of doing just that.

Now, I've gone one step further.

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Mark Warner Helping ActBlue Help Democrats

Last week Mark Warner was a featured guest at a fundraiser for ActBlue, the PAC that has made state of the art online fundraising technology available to Democratic campaigns at the federal level since 2004. They're currently fundraising to expand their services to candidates in state races across the county. Help ActBlue. Read what Benjamin Rahn, co-founder of ActBlue  has to say in the extended entry.

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Another Call for Netroots Candidate Endorsements

Ok, so the last two netroots endorsements were Patrick Murphy and Darcy Burner.  Both were chosen because they have strong netroots support, and because they are in areas that are trending Democratic (the 'Northeastern strategy').

After Yearly Kos, we figured it would be a good time to open up the floor for more nominations.

There's some targeting that goes into these nominations, but the most important qualifying criteria for a netroots endorsement is local blog support.  So if you have a local blog and are following/supporting a candidate, please make your case for the endorsement.

I met these four candidates at Yearly Kos.  There are probably a few more that I met and liked, but the whole experience was a blur.  None of them are netroots-endorsed, and there's no guarantee that any of them will be.  I just figured that you'd want to know that they came to Yearly Kos, since that indicates a certain amount of seriousness when it comes to internet politics.

David Harris (TX-06):  Harris is a young Iraq vet running an extreme longshot race against netroots enemy Joe Barton.  Barton has shades of corruption all around him, taking massive donations from telecom and energy PACs.  He's the prime mover against net neutrality.  The district is extremely red, though Texas is undergoing a progressive takeover of the Democratic Party.  This blog is following the race.  And here's David Harris's MySpace profile.

John Laesch (IL-14) is running against Dennis Hastert.  Laesch is a Navy vet, having served as an intelligence analyst monitoring terrorist activity.  While this is a longshot, Hastert has had ethical problems of late.

Jay Fawcett (CO-05) is running as a longtime Air Force vet in this Republican district, the home of James Dobsen.  He's a presence.

Nancy Skinner (MI-09) is running in the 9th district in Michigan, on a platform of turning the auto industry green.  This district is in play, and she has more institutional support than the other three candidates.  She is a big proponent of media reform, and is a DFA All-Star.

Once again, none of them are netroots-endorsed, and there's no guarantee that any of them will be.  I just figured you should know that they attended Yearly Kos.

The point of the netroots endorsement is to beat Republicans directly, lock down their resources indirectly, and support local infrastructure (including the 50 state strategy).  So please, nominate away.  And include local blog links when you nominate.

Update: I forgot to mention Jack Carter, Senate candidate in Nevada!

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Will You ActBlue for Texas?

As many of you know, ActBlue is the federal clearinghouse for donations to Democratic candidates, having channeled over $5.5 million to Dem contenders so far. But did you know, that with your help, you can activate it for Texas... for statewide, state house, and state senate candidates?

Together, Texas bloggers have agreed to help activate ActBlue for our state's non-federal candidates by asking our readers to put us over the top. Normally, ActBlue asks each state to raise $10,000 before moving forward (Texas being at $4,500 so far). But we've got some good news for you from the people at ActBlue.

However, in doing some more preliminary research Texas turns out to be similar to some other states we've already done -- so if we could break $5000 we'd be ready to move ahead with it.  Would the texroots be able to help us out with the remaining $1000 by the end of the month?

As far as timeline, my aim would be to have everything ready to go as early in July as we can.

So we ask you, will you help the TexRoots get over the $5,000 mark and activate ActBlue for all our state non-federal candidates?  Do it here- donate today!

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Opening Up the Netroots Page for Candidate Nominations

The netroots page has six candidates on it right now.  As we move into high powered election season, we're going to add a lot more.  I'm not going to pretend that I know what candidates are doing well out there.  I mean this is a big country.  I do think that the blogs collectively can make some very shrewd judgments.  So we're opening up the netroots page for nominations from anyone out there who reads and writes on blogs.

There are three criteria for a netroots candidate.  None of them are hard and fast, but the ideal netroots candidate would meet all three of these criteria:

1) There should be a netroots presence in the state or district.

2) The candidate should be a populist and/or a progressive, preferably both.

3) Candidates falling into the 'blue state' or 'northeastern strategy' bucket make sense.  These are people running in Democratic leaning states against moderate or right-wing Republicans.

Again, these criteria aren't absolute.  If a candidate is especially netroots-savvy, or there's a strong netroots presence in a non-blue area, that's fine.  If backing a candidate would suck up a lot of Republican money or otherwise have useful strategic implications, that's fine too.  We're looking for places we can make a difference using the distributed nature of the blogs.

So who would you nominate for the netroots page?  And why?

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