More AND Better Democrats, Get It?

No, clearly they don't.

RenaF has a rec'd diary over at DailyKos that has the transcript of the CNN report on Accountability Now PAC, which desmoinesdem covered earlier. The report features both Markos and Jane talking about the importance of holding Democrats accountable with the threat of a primary challenge. As Markos says:

If you're an elected official and you're representing your constituents, you have nothing to fear.

And Jane:

A healthy primary market within the Democratic party - we think it's good for the people and we think it's good for the party.

But take a look at how Jessica Yellin ends the report:

Wolf, this is just a headache the Democrats do not need.

It's interesting, we're demonized for being partisan, but the second we advocate actually going after Democrats, it's framed as a sort of Democratic infighting. We just can't win.

Of course, the media are not the only ones who can't wrap their minds around it. For years, I've been seen by friends and family alike as a partisan Democrat who will simply vote for whomever has a D next to his or her name. Well, sure, as I tell people plainly, I will support any Democrat over any Republican every time. But they need only look at my passionate advocacy for Ned Lamont over Joe Lieberman to understand that replacing Republicans with Democrats is only half of the equation. I'll support a Democrat over a Republican, yes, but I'll also support a better Democrat over a bad Democrat every time as well. And now that our majorities are as comfortable as they are, particularly in the House, this is precisely the sort of next step our movement needs to take.

It's called accountability, folks; it's called democracy. Look into it.

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