Stephonopoulos fails to fact-check Giuliani

I am sure you all have heard of Rudy the Liar talking about how there were no attacks during Bush's Presidency, but there was one during Obama's. This was on Good Morning America and George Stephonopoulos failed to correct him.


What is even worse is when Rudy's spokesman offered a clarification/retraction/spin, George acts like his only mistake was failing to bring up 9/11 and makes the mistake of giving the content of the clarification credibility.



This was on George's blog.


Through his spokesman, Rudy Giuliani has clarified the remarks he made this morning on GMA regarding terrorist attacks on the United States under Presidents Bush and Obama.

The Mayor's spokesman says that the remark "didn't come across as it was intended" and that Giuliani was "clearly talking post-9/11 with regards to Islamic terrorist attacks on our soil."

Whatever the Mayor meant, it's not what he said. All of you who have pointed out that I should have pressed him on that misstatement in the moment are right. My mistake, my responsibility.


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